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Your home machine and your neighbours

by Lloyd Shaw

This problem is raising its head again and again , with one company being
sued in Italy for not warning its customers about issues such as the noise
and vibration that these units can create. In this case cracking a
neighbours bathroom tiles. It seems they are pleading ignorance as to the
nature of vibration , which is funny considering they sell big vibrators for
a living ?

I will go through the basic potential problems one at a time , and they can
be discussed in more depth in the blog if needed.

(a) Vibration..

Vibrations can travel through your building much further than you imagine ,
this can depend on the construction of the building and how powerful the
vibrations are being sent "downwards".

A number of things can be done to help these problems with mats , good
isolators etc... but you will always get some energy being sent into the

The science of annoying your neighbours...

A typical home unit produces 3G of force . This means the object being moved
becomes 3 times its own weight while being slung around by the vibration.

A typical home unit weights about 60kg.

So 3 x 60Kg =  180

The unit running by itself is like a 180Kg person jumping up and down on
your floor. Yes putting a mat under the person will help , some isolators
will work better , but you still have 180kg of mass jumping up and down on
your floor.

But wait folks , it gets better. How much do you weight ? Add that to the
equation once you get on top and start working out. Lets say you weight

3 x 70kg = 210 .

Add that the machines and you have 390kg of dynamic mass moving around in
your building , think the neighbours will feel that ?

Creating a noise 150 feet away...

These vibrations can travel silently under you and turn a wall 50 meters away
into a speaker. If fact the machine may appear very quite standing right
next to it, so being deceived at the shop is very easy.

How does this work ? Well a speaker is only a flat surface being vibrated ,
it hits the air and causes a "sound wave" to hit your eardrum , and your
"hear" the change in air pressure. Think about an old record player (
gramophone ) , it has a small needle running over little bumps , this causes
a "vibration" which is then amplified into a horn so it is loud enough to

If you are vibrating someone's wall next door you are effectively playing
your machine into their living room.

My advice , talk to the sales staff before putting one in your house , if
they do not know any of this stuff , walk away.