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Vibration Training & Cancer

by Lloyd Shaw
Active cancer has always been considered a contra-indication to Vibration Training ( considered too risky ) . I have even heard people say Vibration Training can give you cancer. Well in this article I will help clear up some of the myths and put into simple English the reasons why it is considered risky.

Now it is very important to start off by saying that not all contraindications are written in stone. When something is first released to the public, the caution lists are always very long. This is considered of course the logical and ethical thing to do. As being over-cautious is far better than slap-happy under-cautious. Rule of thumb is if anyone tells you something physical is completely risk free, then they are no medical expert, they are trying to sell you something.
Note: Vibration Training has a list of theoretical risks. I say theoretical because most are only bound in theory, not based on real life incidences where someone has had an actual medical problem.  This is the exact case with the risks listed below. But good thought has gone into them, so ignore them at your own risk, as I am fully aware of some people with home machines have already done.

Hormones ......
The relationship between certain hormones and cancer are well known.  So when an increase in base hormones was recorded with Vibration Training ( hormones that are considered anti-aging because they help grow new cells ) a red flag went up. And the reason why. Well tumors are basically a bunch of damaged cells dividing over and over again. The last thing you want to do is be giving that process a boost. Tumors also have a nasty ability to redirect blood to them, at the cost of other organs. So rest assured any hormone increase, will be delivered to a tumor.

Tumors bleed.....
It is not very well known but tumors can bleed under vascular pressure.  Which means as you increase you circulation ( which Vibration Training is excellent at doing ) blood can leach into surrounding areas. Now in most cases that blood will just be absorbed back into the body, but if it is an encased area like the head, then it has no-where to go, and could crush your brain. I know that sounds dramatic,  and it is just a theory  and has never actually happened, but it would be unethical to not disclose our thoughts on the subject.

Basic increase in circulation.......
This one is pretty self explanatory. But something you may not have considered is if a cancer is likely to travel to other areas of the body, then an increase in circulation is not exactly going to slow that process up.

Now before we go any further it is very important to note, that you need to have cancer first before any of the above even becomes a concern. So that takes us to the very important question of .....

Can Vibration Training give me cancer ?
The simple answer is, not once in any research into vibration coming into contact with humans, has cancer ever been contributed to exposure to vibration. Now we are not talking about 1 or 2 studies here, and we are not just considering that Vibration Training has been commercially available for 10 years, with no issues. But we are discussing something called ISO 2631 Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Global standards recognized in hundreds of industries and in every developed country.
No cancer has been attributed to vibration of any kind.
Again I want to reiterate, we are not talking about light exposure on a train ride here, we are talking about long term, heavy exposure, such as tank drivers who can not simply turn the tank off and get out. What any responsible Vibration Training company promotes today does not even register against these real life, over-exposure situations.
So why would someone say it causes cancer....?
The same reason people said Vibration Training cant burn fat, build bone or build muscle. They are afraid of what they can not understand. If you asked that person "how" vibration causes cancer. You would get no reply, not even a decent theory. That should tell you enough.

Can I do Vibration Training after I have had cancer and been cleared......
Yes you can. There is nothing even theoretical that would suggest Vibration Training post any type of cancer is not a good idea. In fact any form of exercise can help prevent cancer so you will only be helping out your bodies defenses by doing so.
"We've known for a long time that regular exercise helps prevent obesity, which is a significant risk factor for cancer. We are now discovering that exercise protects against cancer in ways that go beyond its ability to prevent excess weight,"  ......... Ritva Butrum, Ph.D., Senior Science Advisor for the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).

I hope this small article has cleared up a very scary subject, and helps other Vibration Training companies keep people informed and safe.  I think it is important to add, that as a mortician I see the end results of cancer, and rest assured, if I thought for one single second that Vibration Training could contribute to that kind of suffering. I would be the first one asking for a ban.