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So how exactly does Vibration training help with cellulite?

by Lloyd Shaw

Companies always list this as one of the positives with this type of training, but like most other things they seldom tell you "how" it helps. You just have to trust them. Well this is a breakdown of the immediate ( can see the effects in a few days )  and long term ( changes the way your body works , this takes time ) ways Vibration Training effects the appearance of Cellulite. But first what is Cellulite....?

Well its just fat, nothing special about it at all except its what we call "Static Fat" which unlike "Dynamic fat" that is in areas of our body which have high natural circulation, this " Static Fat" is in areas where it has natural low circulation. This allows the fat to not only be hardly ever used as energy, which is why even intensive exercise sometimes makes no difference to its appearance, much to the frustration of the person working hard lose it. But also, from long periods of time of no stimulation it " clumps" together.  That combined with thinner skin and filling up those fat cells you can actually see the clumps of fat. This can happen on an area of the body and not just in woman.

So how does Vibration Training attack this problem , well in a number of ways , as cellulite is not just one thing that goes wrong, but a collection of small things that cause it to appear ........

(1) No weight bearing exercise.
(2) Low Circulation.
(3) Low or imbalanced Hormonal levels.
(4) Inactive muscles

Training ( long term )...........

The intense short burst of movement and pressure in the muscles you get during Vibration Training creates an anabolic effect , in other words your muscle cells try to replicate , making them stronger for your next workout. This drive to create more cells raises your hormonal level, especially your HGH ( human growth hormone ) and testosterone  See here to fully understand this process.....


A raise in these hormones means thicker and healthier skin which is less likely to allow cellulite to show through. Testosterone also promotes circulation which as you will find out plays an important part  Estrogen dominance ,which can cause fluid retention in the skin and cause fat cells to suck up large amounts of fluid ( its called you "fat days" )  can also be balanced out by exercise and release internal pressure within the shin itself.

Now the replication of those muscle cells plays a VERY important part in emptying fat cells of their stored energy, this helps with body fat % loss and changes your BMR ( metabolic rate ) which allows your body to burn more calories even while you sleep .       

Deep tissue massage......  ( Immediate )

This is were the fat cells are bombarded with enough energy to literally force them apart , kind of like tenderizing something. You actually hit them so hard they are forces apart and flattened out. This heavy vibration also liquidates any fluids that have coagulated in the area and forces them deep into the lower layers of the skin. But it is important to note that the massage by itself is basically useless and its short term effects easily reversed if not paired up with the training. The reasons for this will be explained during this article.

Blood flow.......  ( Immediate )

These intense vibrations attract large amounts of blood into area , meaning the skin is being feed and the fat cells are surrounded in blood , making them more likely to be used in your energy cycle while you are exercising and repairing your muscles.

Lymphatic fluid movement.... ( Immediate )

"Low circulation areas" does not just mean blood, it also means all fluids. ANY fluid left sitting in one place to long from lack of stimulation will coagulate ( not just blood ), causing not only other fluids to build up in the area ( fluid retention ) but will actually stop blood from entering the area, as we all know blood moves away from pressure points, not towards them. This leads to a pretty bad downward spiral . More fluid retention = more internal pressure around the fat cells, which leads to less bloodflow etc....

Intense Activation of "under active" muscles.... ( long term )

Following the instructions on the safety program properly http://www.vibra-train.com/exercises-explained.html allows for muscles that do not get used as much as they should, due to such things as wearing heels that deactivate your hamstring and lower glut ( back leg and lower bum ) or completely unused Tri-cep muscles  ( zero lifting or using your arms for more than just typewriting )  all lead to "dead zones". This is bad for all kinds of reasons, but basically allows anything and everything to just stay put , never moving, and that includes all that energy locked in those fat cells.

The balanced use of multiple muscle groups simultaneously also promotes healthy circulation and again will not allow fluids to sit in one place too long.

That covers the main ways Vibration Training helps fight cellulite, and even though it seems far fetch to anyone who has ever tried to reduce its appearance , it is nothing really new. But before Vibration Training came along you had to follow a regime of  light running , weight training , deep tissue massage followed by more weights and running ALL ON THE SAME DAY to get results. Quite simply no-one could be bothered.