3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist

Vibration Training on a Cellular Level

by Lloyd Shaw

This is material I have written to explain what my deeper goals are.
Some of it may be a different way of viewing the bio-mechanical human
structure than those traditionally taught.

Hopefully for some of you , it will allow you to " SEE " what is really

Bio-Mechanical Physics 101...

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed , only transferred"

Physiology to me is a way of labeling and simplifying Physics. To allow
those in the industry to indentify patterns of energy ( movement and
function ) and follow its effect. Using large blocks of named matter to
isolate and treat problems that occur in this tissue.

I don't.

I personally see the body as 10 Trillion separate cells. Waiting to receive
and transfer energy so it can perform its required task. Each dictated by
its own DNA/Chromosome instruction manual.

Yes every single cell , no matter what type can be effected.

When I design a Vibration Training device , I account for where the energy
goes , what's its effects on the cells are , how strong will the effect be ,
and at what point is it delivered to us in the safest means.


Each cell in the human body has a genetic potential. This is stored by the
matched DNA/Chromosome system we inherent from our parents.
This Genetic  Potential is never reached , as the signals from the inner
cell are not strong,  and even if the signal does get through , nutrients ,
hormones , etc...  and other outside requirements for the cell to complete
its task may not be met.

In fact almost everything can stop the cell from reaching its 100%
potential. Not enough food , to much food . Not enough sun , too much sun.
Not enough exercise , too much exercise , you get the picture...

Sometimes the Chromosome or DNA is even damaged and the signal may not be
sent complete.

The odds are stacked against us for a reason , too easy and the species
would have little weaknesses , which goes against the " Only the strong
survive rule of evolution ".

You can quite often see this with immigrants coming from 3rd world nations
who have children in their new homeland.  The children are somewhat taller
than their parents. What's happened? Have they jumped in height in only one
generation. Of course not, this would be from an evolutionary standpoint
impossible . What has happened is the parents had the same genetic potential
all along. It was just never reached through different 3rd world issues.
Mainly nutrients.
Their children have just gotten closer.

But that's not the only way a cell can receive a signal. An outside force
exerting itself on the cellular wall will also fire off its own signal burst
( as in a Myotatic reflex ), that spurs the cell into action to do the only
thing its designed to do. Whatever that may be.

The reason I choose to use Kinetic Vibration to produce a signal in cells is
the exact opposite is true than its own internal signal. Kinetic Vibration
is almost "impossible" to stop. In fact the only way to avoid it is to avoid
contact with the unit.

It must be transferred.

This system gives us just another way to try and over-ride our lifestyle
that may block out Genetic Potential from ever being realized.

But what's the real point to all these signals  . Why not just exercise
voluntarily . Wouldn't that just fix everything?

Unfortunately our lifestyle does not allow us to receive the required amount
of constant "stimulation" all other animals get from their normal day to day
existence. Think about this.

We are the only animal that's needs to "run for fun' to stay fit.
We are the only animal with an obesity problem.

We have essentially managed to evolve our surroundings to a point where lack
of stimulation and over nutrition is now killing us.

Properly built units should have all these stimulation equations designed
into them . They must be balanced to send a balanced signal. As the cells
are not fooled easily and require the correct amount of Kinetic Pressure to
unlock the key to the response.

I try to replicate most of the signals you would normally receive over 2
days , and put it into 15 mins.


Over the course of 190 days the average person gets a chance to replace its
entire skeletal structure. Using the " Direct Signal " method of Vibration
Training your body has a better chance of reaching its true Genetic Mass
I have used bone as my example as it is the hardest ,complicated
and slowest tissue to form. Softer tissue will be faster.

You may see results on a good unit in less than 3 weeks on softer tissue
like red muscle cells on these machines. But my advice would be to look at
you body in blocks of 190 days.

This gives your body a chance for a true " Body Composition " change.

I hope this gives food for thought.