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Lloyd Shaw, who am I and why should you trust me?

My name is Lloyd Robert Shaw and I was born on 10/2/68 in New Zealand and adopted out within 2 weeks. I was adopted into a family involved in the Funeral Directing Industry whose home was adjoined to a Funeral Parlor and Mortuary, so I was brought up in a situation that most people would find strange. I know this may sound strange as well, but I always felt at home in the Mortuary and inherently understood the chemistry and physiology of what was required. 
I was diagnosed early on with what was then called " attention disorder" ( now called ADHD). This basically meant I could not concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time and did not sleep for days on end. I was subsequently put on sleeping pills every day to calm me down by the "experts",  but this just turned me into a zombie and robbed me of my memory, so I was eventually taken off them.
I was sent to St Peters boarding school in Cambridge N.Z. after I was kicked out of, or asked to leave, two local primary schools, and the only other school in the area would not take me. After a few years there I went back to a public school in my home suburb of Papatoetoe in Auckland N.Z. until I decided to join the Navy. This was after failing the most basic qualification in our education system called " School Certificate ".  I could not pass the English exam even though my Science marks were good and I could read books on anthropology and memorize every single fact, but I still felt "thick" .
During my time in the Armed Forces I managed to travel a bit and was trained as a Weapons Electrical Mechanic, but also managed to get into a lot of trouble.  Sometimes not so bad, sometimes illegal behavior. Nothing serious but it was pretty clear were I was heading.  This random behavior continued after I left the forces, until one day I woke up and simply decided I was not happy with the person I was becoming. I knew I could be a better person but I had only been taught that having "stuff" was how you were measured as a man, but this was not how I felt.
Up until that point in time I had been told I was not "right" my entire life, but this had mainly come from people who to me seemed "slow" and just did not understand what I was thinking. But they were adults or very educated people so they must be right, correct ?  Wrong !  Once I decided to stop second guessing myself it was like a brake had been taken off my mind and I knew I was good at things. Not kind of good, but really good.
I started working as a mortician professionally and designed my own fluids from scratch for specialist cases. I also used techniques I had perceived years ago but had never had the confidence to carry out. Especially for obese cases which was becoming a prevalent issue in the area of N.Z. I worked in  ( South Auckland ).  
Dealing with obese cases day after day led me to believe the medical field was not doing all it could do to stop the looming crisis, were millions are going to die unnecessarily and drain the economy. Now I saw obesity as not some complicated social problem, but something simple, over nutrition ( eating to much ) and under-stimulation ( no exercise ) .  So I started researching ways to use what I understood about zoology and anthropology to get around the "lack of stimulation" part of the problem. Because of my ADHD condition I have times when my mind goes into overdrive and I write tons of material in one night, and on one of these occasions I wrote an equation for involuntary reflexes using vibration as the stimulation source. 

At first I hooked up with a retail company that was already producing a lighter version of what I wanted , but their only interest was to make money off the idea at any cost, and by any cost I mean zero ethics. They were willing to release machines that didn't even work properly.
Now I had been down this road before. Money and possessions at any cost.  And because I was writing the material for these guys, and was way ahead of them in my understanding of what was needed,  I could have manipulated the situation any way I wanted to.  And I think if any of you have read my work you can fully understand I could write material to fool the consumer in my sleep. I was even offered a blank check to do just that, keep my mouth shut and make a fortune.
But do you know what ? All the money in the world would not have made me feel better if I had done that, and once more I knew it. It wasn't like I even entertained the idea for a single second. I had second guessed my ideals before and it would never ever happen again.
Since that day I have worked tirelessly to follow my original ideas and theories, and also help protect people from those who have chosen to fool you to make a buck. I am only too aware because of my own past failings that no-one is perfect, but these people are not just being slightly deceitful, they are deliberately targeting people who have made a commitment to getting healthier and selling them rubbish.
Just like I always knew when I was doing wrong, so do these people. They are not confused or mistaken, and they have just as much chance to change as I did. Hopefully exposing them will help them do just that or put them out of business. Either way it is all good for our industry and you the consumer.
So why should you trust me? ... Because I have been there, done that, and proven you do not have to step on people to be successful.