Consumer Guide and Safety Program

3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist
Lloyd Shaws 6 years of nothing but Vibra-Train
IVTRB Changes Industry
What is a "fake" machine ?
A High Jumper trails Vibration Training Part 1
Optimum Frequency for Training on Lineal - Part 2
Vibration Therapy and DVT
The Power Plate Scammers part 2
Vibration Training studio dimensions?
Lloyd Shaws Logical guide to Vibration Training
Why is Vibration Training taken so seriously in NZ?
Vibration Training and Infections
The Safety Program Explained
No such thing as a bad machine
Pilates + Marketers = Disaster
What is the IVTRB?
Therapy Poses, Training Poses, Whats the difference?
Why eat before a Vibration Training workout?
Industry Wide Promoted Safety Program or Supervision?
Going through the motions, The Safety Program further explained
Extra Force = Better Training Results
Body Composition Tests and Fat Loss
Infomercial Fitness Instructor spills the beans
High Quality Muscle and Fat Loss
Vibration Training and Cancer
Why do my jeans feel tighter?
Commerce Commission = Useless and lazy
The Power Plate Scam... part 1
Video of Mini Push-Up
Vibration Training Poster
What can Vibration Training do for the Health Industry?
Super Fatigue and why it sometimes feels so hard
Headaches when Vibration Training. Reasons and Cures
Why my Personal Trainer does not understand Vibration Training
Weight Loss, Resistance Training / Vibration Training for Woman
Why do people open a Vibration Training studio?
Red Skin, Itchy Nose or Swollen Hands?
Why my Personal Trainer does not understand Vibration Training
Weight Loss, Resistance Training / Vibration Training for Woman
What makes the worlds #1 ?
Vibration Training - not just about looking good
Vibration Training and Pain Management
Lloyd Shaw, who am I and why should you trust me?
Tucking Your Pelvis in During Squat Poses ???
The History of our Industry you need to know
Vibration and Bone Density - One Persons Experience
The Big Secret Lineal Companies Do Not Want You To Know
Use up to 100% of your muscles, not just 40% ??? General Consumer Warning about Cheap Pivotals
Taking It To the Next Level - An Elite Athlete Discovers Vibration Training Vibration Training - Foolish Fad or the Real Deal?
One Clients Experience with Vibration Training Vibration Training for Long Distance Runners – The Proof is in the Results
Vibration Training and Muscle Wasting Conditions Thinking of opening your own studio?
Home use machines and celebrity endorsements, the truth
Why is the Vibration Training market so hard to understand?
Your home machine and your neighbours
The 4 main categories of Vibration Training poses
Ripped off, your rights outlined here
Vibration Training and Bone Density
The Truth Regarding Fat Loss
Lineal Design / Pivotal Design
Whole Body Vibration and Balancing Hormones
Lactic Acid Build-Up and Vibration Training
Delayed Muscle Soreness and Vibration Training
Can Vibration Training Damage My Brain?
Should I Contract my Muscles?
Do Different Machines Give Different Results?
Why is buying a true commercial product so important?
Vibration Training and Flexibility?
Opening a commercial premises?
The Importance of Posture and Placement
Why is buying a Vibration Platform just like buying a vehicle
Vibration Therapy VS Vibration Training
Stay still and don’t move. Easy, right?
New very clear categories of machine types
How to act around a Vibration Training machine
The good and bad of positive research So how exactly does Vibration training help with cellulite?
The great "traditional exercise" scam Vibration Training and precise joint angles