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Ripped off, your rights outlined here

by Lloyd Shaw

Enough people are now parting with their cash to buy Vibration Training
products for either their business or home that the subject of what you
should do if you have realized you have been ripped off needs to be
discussed. Do not think that just because this is new technology the same
rules do not apply as other purchases you make on a daily basis. They do.

Note:  This is generic legal advice that covers most rights in most
countries , you will need to check if they directly apply to you. You need
to know this if you ever want to return a Vibration Training machine or
claim back money for a service not provided. You will find most dodgy
companies will be breaking one or more of these laws.

When can I return goods?

(1) The goods are not what was described by the salesperson or in
advertising, both generally or at the place where you purchased the goods.

(2)  You let the salesperson know why you wanted the goods and the goods are
not fit for the purpose you told the salesperson you wanted them for.

What if I return the goods and I only want a cash refund?

If the goods were faulty or inaccurately described or not suitable for the
purpose you made known to the salesperson you can insist on a cash refund
and you do not have to accept a credit note even if the store has a “No
Refund” sign.

Do not be deterred by "No Refund" signs as "No Refund" signs only apply if
you bought the wrong sized color or changed your mind. They do not apply
when the goods are faulty, improperly described or not fit for the purpose
which you told the salesperson you were buying them for.


Misleading and deceptive conduct.....

(1) A “half truth” in advertising.

(2) Suggesting that a product has some association with a well known
personality when in fact it doesn't.

(3) Comparing one product with another may be misleading if there is not
enough information provided to make a fair comparison.

(4) Stating that a product is made in one country when in fact it has been
made in another country.

(5) Using a logo similar to a well-known manufacturer or supplier.

(6) Starting up a business with a name similar to a competitor.

(7) Using packaging similar to a competitor.

So to recap , if you paid for your Vibration Training machine under the
pretense it is similar to another machine used by a company with a good
reputation , or is the actual machine used by a certain celebrity and you
find this is not true , you can demand cash back .

I  welcome any reports of consumers not getting a fair go.