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A High Jumper trials Vibration Training Part 1

Please note; This person is using Industrial High Energy Lineal machines . He has graduated to a Level 5 specially designed athletic machine. Some of the results below may be obtained from lighter machines, but can not be assured.

This Q&A is uncensored and unedited and dated Monday, July 25, 2011. Lloyd Shaw has personally overseen the training program and asked the questions.

Q.... What is your name, age and how long have you been competing at the high-jump ?

A..... Sam Vesey, I just turned 20 years old, and I've been competing in high jump since 6th form in high school (2008).

Q..... How did you first hear about Vibra-Train ?

A.......From Angela and Kieran Mckee. They were describing Angela's training in her build up toward to 2006 Commonwealth Games. I understood it as a form of strength training she used instead of weights.

Q...... What was your first impression of Vibration Training before you had seen a machine up close and actually tried it.

A .......I thought of Vibration training as another infommercial type gizmo, something that was supposed to help you magically lose weight. Never did I think it would be a form of strength training.

Q..... Did you have any concerns about this form of training before you started ?

A.......My concerns weren't of safety or anything like that, it was more of a sacrificing problem. I was told that my 'muscle would expand and get too big if I did it for more than 6 weeks at a time'. As a high jumper I'm concerned about weight, and this was my greatest concern. Moreover I was unwilling to sacrifrice weight training as I thought I would lose strength.

Q..... What was your first session like and how did it compare to your first thoughts .

A....... It was so different to what I expected it to be. I felt completely fatigued, yet, I could walk out the door at the end and didn't feel it the next day. I didn't understand how this was possible, so I went back again.

Q..... How has it fit into your existing training program.

A......I've been doing vibration training for 12 weeks. I did the first 4 weeks in conjunction with weights, untill I took a leap of faith and completely resigned all forms of weight strengthening exercises. I train every mon/wed/fri (3 times a week). It has replaced weight strengthening exercises (e.g Squats, lunges, hamstring curls etc).

Q...... What real world results have you seen so far. Strength , speed, power or jumping ability etc...

A........ The only measured tests I have done are standing vertical jump and standing long jump. The standing long jump I have increased from 2.81m to 2.94m, and my vertical jump has increased by 5cm. But I'm more impressed with the immeasurable results.. I had a severe case of patella tendonitis, aka known as 'jumpers knee', which was preventing me from competing to my maximum. It made me miss 3 months of competing last season and ruined a years worth of training. Ever since 3 weeks training at vibra train my knees have turned pain free. By the 8 week mark, I began doing plyometric exercises to test my newly trained body. I've been able to handle any training session since, its blown me away. I wouldn't have been able to handle half of some of these training sessions prior to vibration training.

As a response to that 6 week rumour in question 4, I've found that I did initially notice a growth in my muscles and I did indeed gain weight. However, this has levelled out and hasn't continued to happen.

I have to emphasize that I've only improved in all facets in my athletic ability, that means I haven't suffered from lack of weight training. My sprinting has gotten quicker, particularly over 30-40m. My balance throughout my body has to be attributed to vibration training. I haven't yet high jumped, this will begin in approximately a month.

I've gained approximately 3-4kg. I weighed 71kg before, which im now 75kg.

The most important result is that I've fixed injuries I've had, and I know that im preventing future injuries. The way it has balanced out my body combined with its safety (compared with weights) is sure to be hugely benficial in the future. A huge part of an athlete's career has to be with avoiding injuries, or what some may refer to as 'luck'. Well I think I've found a way to control some of this luck.

Part 2 will cover "the proof is in the pudding" results of going back into competition.

Note: This is not a marketing departments idea and this athlete is not being paid for his "opinion" on Vibration Training. This experiment could be successful or fail completely. But regardless the results will be published. If you wish to ask Sam Vesey any questions, please use the forum and they will be answered openly and honestly.