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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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by Lloyd Shaw

A recent post on this forum raised the concern again that vibration training
used too much,  too often , can lead to dramatic weight loss. I know this
will sound attractive to some people , but it could come back to bite you in
the ass , and I mean that literally.

So what are the risks associated with overtraining and why is Vibration
Training in particular being singled out ?

Involuntary ability VS Voluntary ability....

With Vibration Training you do not need to be fit to go beyond your normal 
limits , which are usually restricted by your voluntary fitness levels. If
you are willing to suffer you can always go that extra minute which quickly
turns into an extra 10 .

What could happen...

You will start to lose muscle as well as fat , so the scales will show a
dramatic weight loss , this also sounds OK to some people unless you really
understand what happens after that.

(1) Loss of mass in the muscle due to them breaking down faster than they
can repair , this means less energy is burnt during each session.

(2) Loss of strength will make poses harder , more unstable and hence

(3) Symptoms similar to Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

(4) Immune system drops off.

(5) Hormone backlash can cause fluid gain and belly fat to appear ( mainly
females , ) sorry girls ..

(6) You could end up with a higher body-fat % than you started with.

Think about this...

Would you run a marathon every day ? Of course not as your body would not
handle this punishment for long. Even Olympic athletes need a rest and in
fact the anti-aging benefits of Vibration Training need time off to work .

It is important to note that the above will not happen to everybody , some
people might get away with it and get great results with no side effects , 
but it is my job to make you understand all risks involved with this type of
training , as I write material for the majority not the minority.