3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist

Lineal or 3D?

by Lloyd Shaw

Lineal.... ( controlled vibration )

Pure Lineal is in fact not a physics possibility. All units must have some
sideways motion but a designer of Lineal machines will work hard to keep
this to a minimum. This is so a pose can be held in any direction on the
platform and the movement accounted for. This also means no energy from the
motors are lost .

Some engineering methods are more lineal than others , but all have there
pros and cons.


These units are designed to move up and down with a slight front to back
motion. Useful for certain sports training. I will be releasing more
information on this practice in the future.

Three dimensional ( 3D , uncontrolled vibration ) .....

This is where a large % of energy takes the platform in all directions.
Usually an engineering mistake or lack of skill involved in the original

The theory why Lineal is better than 3D is simple......

The reason the platform is vibrated upwards is to work directly
against gravity , which only pulls down. This is called hyper-gravity and is
why you will see on the specs of machines things like 6.2G , this means the
platform is making you just over 6 times your own weight in the upward part
of the vibration. This overloads your muscles just as though you where
carrying a weight , essentially doing weight training with your own body.

Note: With your joints only really working well at one angle , the poses are
very important.

But if the machines is moving deliberately sideways as well......

Pushing someone sideways does not cause hyper-gravity , as you are only
pushing them sideways

Eg...   Dropping down quickly in a lift would make you feel weightless for a
second ,  going up makes you fell heavy , going sideways makes you feel.....
well nothing.

Not only that but joints don't like rapid , random sideways movement , a
small amount can be tolerated but some companies are not even trying to
control the vibrations produced by their machines , and instead try to
pretend its meant to be like that , ( kind of like the cool kid in school
tripping up and acting like they did it on purpose ).

It is important to note that companies producing Vibration Training
platforms with a medical equipment background or ones that apply for MDD
certification spend lots of resources perfecting their machines  , and all
promote controlled vibration.

The ones promoting 3D have a long history of unsafe/unethical practices that
would be at odds with any Doctor or Health Specialist.