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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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Body Composition Tests and Fat Loss

Below is a classic example of someone only using Vibration Training over the period of a month to tone up ( no diet change and no other forms of exercise ).  And how it relates to Weight VS Fat Loss.

You can clearly see the person has gained some quality muscle,  lost some body fat, and in doing so lowered their body fat % by 4% . But strangely her weight remains exactly the same as before.  Which is the reason we tell people to never use the scales to gauge your progress when doing Vibration Training. 
Note:  Pinch tests often come out 5% lower due to the fact we keep some fat internally and a body composition test can pick up this hidden abdominal fat.

If this lady had weighed herself it would have appeared that her one months worth of effort had been all for nothing, and probably would have lost motivation and stopped. Which is the reason why all trainers need to educate their customers that it makes zero sense to use a highly scientific training method like Vibration Training, and then measuring it with something as redundant and backward as a set of scales.


Disclaimer: Unlike the dodgy marketing of even dodgier products seen on T.V. , where in the fine print they tell you that a strict diet and cardio regime must be followed to get any results, and they clearly say results advertised are NOT typical. The above is quite typical of someone making no other changes to the lives except real Vibration Training. Adding cardio and diet correction should get you even faster results.

We have been using body composition tests for 6 years to not only educate the public, but prove beyond a doubt to the effectiveness of this mode of exercise.  And also test what machines really do what. None of our opinions are based on hearsay or wishful thinking.