3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist

Fake specs. The true timeline of discovery.

Fake specs on machines seems to be a hot topic now in the industry, with some people and companies trying to earn their reputations by crusading for all machines to be tested. Pitting theirs against other brands to see who is more honest. Research papers are now even being released on how to properly write research papers, because hundreds of studies were previously released where no-one thought to test the machines first.

But who really discovered companies were lying in the first place, because it seems there are now a myriad of people popping out of the woodwork all claiming to be "the one" or knowing who started it all.


Only a few companies globally were releasing products. Power Plate being the most recognized retail brand. It was at this point Lloyd Shaw was employed by Power Plate as a Product Manager, where his idea of setting up the worlds first Vibration Training studio was going to be done in New Zealand. 

The original Power Plates brought in by Lloyd were all steel and built in Holland and independent engineering tests had been done at the University of Leuven in Belgium. They did have some limitations in a commercial environment but that was going to be solved soon with new models. 


Early 2004 Power Plate released its "Next Generation" model. Now these machine were not built in Holland but in China. Had the exact same electronics and motors but a fiberglass hull. Straight away Lloyd Shaw knew something was wrong with the products feel and this was confirmed when customers refused to use the product, saying it did not give the same workout. 

Basic engineering tests were done on the product that showed it was severely effected by a users weight, even someone small. Even though the machine was still being sold with the university specs from Belgium attached.

At first this issue was attempted to be cleaned up in-house, but it quickly became apparent that Power Plate had no intention of stopping a number of unethical marketing practices, including fake specs, so Lloyd Shaw left to continue his Research and Development elsewhere and formed his own company Vibra-Train.


After leaving the company Lloyd Shaw took up a different tactic showing how serious he was about this subject and hired a law firm to directly engage with Power Plate.

evidence pdf 3   

Legal proceeding were threatened against Lloyd Shaw by Power Plate for releasing the information and opinion he had on the subject. He had gotten a completely independent engineer do tests on both the older Power Plate ( now called Vibra-Gym ) and new VibroGym and the new Next Generation product. So a direct comparison could be made.

Note:  These engineering reports were given to all companies involved in the industry at the time. Not to the public who would not have understood them, or the academics who had shown incompetence in this subject beforehand.    

Here were the findings that were accepted as expert legal evidence at a later date ......   evidence 2 pdf    Note the actual test date, March 2005.

During this time Lloyd Shaw also contacted every other major brand and researcher involved in the industry to see if pooling their resources would help, With his opinion being it was in every honest companies best interests to stamp out this practice as fast as possible. Everyone declined to help with the best he ever got was a "good luck" from some companies. No one dared to take on Power Plate and everyone watched on with interest wondering if Vibra-Train would survive. As it was often Power Plate tactic to try and wear out or bankrupt an opponent with ongoing legal proceedings that took years, and they vigorously spread it around the industry they were going to stop Lloyd Shaw in his tracks.


But this time it did not work. And it was Lloyd Shaw who found a way to liquidate their company and went after them lock, stock and barrel.( notice near bottom )


Here is the newspaper notice. They failed to stop the action and Power Plate was summarily liquidated.

Lloyd Shaw liquidates Power Plate pdf.....

Over the years he has continued to expose companies using fake specs, both online and at trade shows. And as head of the IVTRB he hopes to be even more effective as time goes on, and aims to engage governments for regulation and classification of the industry in the future.   

It is in every honest companies interest to keep this fight going for the sake of the science and the consumer. But it is very disrespectful for anyone other than Lloyd Shaw to claim to have started questioning and then risk everything, both professionally and financially to prove specifications were being falsified.

Just something to keep in mind if you ever hear anyone taking credit where credit is not due.