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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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No such thing as a bad machine.

Important Note: In regards to workouts and weightloss only.

This article is to help clear up the question we get the most from consumers on the forum " Is this a good machine " The simple answer to that question, no matter what brand we are discussing is YES. Every machine ever made is designed for a certain purpose, and as long as you clearly understand that purpose, you can not be disappointed or ripped off.

Bad people however do exist, and these are the 5 most likely ways they will try to mislead you .......

Lineal machines...

Not telling you the power ( high energy or lower energy ) of the machine plays an important part in how fast you may see results. The lower powered the unit, the longer your workout needs to become and the machines can in fact be so weak ( usually medical devices ) as to provide no workout at all, no matter how long you use it. They are designed for other purposes.

So the catch phrase "10 minute workout" you see being used in advertising may in fact not actually apply to all machines sold.

More power = Shorter workout
Less power = Longer workout

Some people don't mind paying to use a very large powerful machine because they are short on time, 10 mins is all they have. But other people may want to buy a machine to work out at home with, so something a bit lighter is fine. It does becomes a "20 min workout" to get the same results, but for someone not in a hurry that is not a problem

Pivotal machines....

Not telling you the speed of the machine makes all the difference in how fast you may see results. A machine going very slowly can in fact only help with certain medical issues like a balance problem ( usually about 6 hz ) . The faster the machine goes it starts getting into "workout" territory ( above 15hz is good ).

The poses you "have" to do to lose weight or do a workout ........

his is one of the biggest problems we see. People being shown or told all you have to do is "just stand or lie down on the machine" or " wobble away the fat " to get results. The kind of people who tell you this do not care if you ever get results, because they already have your money. They were selling something else before Vibration Training came along, and they will move onto something else after they do their best make money off it ( but destroying it in the process ) .

Why would they promote such poses.....

Well marketers and dodgy salespeople came up with that idea, so they could target people who really want to believe putting in no effort will somehow equal results if science is involved. They will even lie to people trying to help themselves, which for someone like me who genuinely want to help people fight obesity, makes them scum of the earth. If you see anyone promoting these poses for weightloss, do not buy off them.

Without a proper program you are wasting your time and money.

Making up horror stories about Pivotal Vs Lineal.......

This is where a salesperson will simply try to get a sale by telling you someone else's machine will hurt you. Or use subtle derogatory terms to describe the "feeling" of another type of machine.

Eg... " Lineal feels like a jackhammer, its horrible " " Pivotal will hurt your knees or lower back " " I heard that brand got kicked out of a Doctors office" ( no proof of course )

We have heard it all before including this alarming statement " any other machine but ours will make your eyeballs explode" ( Power Plate 2007 )

People using these sales tactics should be treated with caution because the fact is all machines are safe if used properly. Both systems Pivotal and Lineal just feel completely different. Never listen to a salespersons stories or opinions, because unless they are selling multiple types of machines, they will always direct you away from trying other products before you buy.

Celebrities, Athletes and Gyms use this exact machine.........

This one is simple. You get what you pay for, if its cheap and light no-one serious is using it in any way. Let alone celebs that spend a fortune looking great. And no Gym is going to touch something that is too small or too weak to take their largest member. Just be realistic about what you want to pay, and what grade of machine you will get for that price. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

So there you have it, 5 things to listen for, be skeptical about or ask when purchasing a machine, no matter how expensive or how cheap it is. Happy hunting.