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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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Why my Personal Trainer does not understand Vibration Training

Now despite how this is going to be taken, it is not a beat up on personal trainers, because there are some out there who go above and beyond in self education. But a lot sit on their qualifications.  I wish to address those "qualifications" and put them in a logical context.
How much do we really know about the human body....
The smartest medical people alive........  would say about 50%.  Now I do not just mean 1 person out there understands 50% , I mean if you got 100 of the worlds top medical specialists in the same room together, combined, they would understand 50%.  These are the people who write the material and do the research, the ones that teach everybody below them. And the closer they look the more they realize how much information we are missing. They get one answer which gives us 20 more complicated questions straight back.
Next we go down to a room full of the top surgeons and surgery staff .......   how much do you think they would know. About 30% ?  Surgery is a specific job and is divided into many parts and you do not need to understand everything we know. Just your job. Now these are very smart people who we often trust with our lives and they will be the first ones to tell you they don't know everything.
Regular specialists......  A room full of the top specialists, the ones that refer us to surgery or specialist treatments. Again they have very fragmented knowledge based around their own specialty but combined what level do you think they would hold.  20%  ?
GP ( General Practitioner ) .........   Just your regular every day Doctor.  These are obviously smart people who have achieved a good level of study, but you would be surprised how much they do not know. They hold "General Knowledge" about the human body and how to match ailments to drugs. Depending on the country and personal sense of self education, some Drs can be forward thinkers, others no better than drug pushers. But overall they would be pushing it to say 10%  , but considering the overall best is only 50%, it is still someone we can mostly trust.
Physios , Chiropractors etc  .......   Again good general knowledge minus the drug education.
Personal Trainers...........   I think you see were I am going with this. I would say we are now dipping below the 5%  mark of knowledge, and that would only be the really really good trainers. I have come across some that would be pushing 0.5 %.
This is not a put down so please do not start with the hate mail, but voluntary muscle functions, joints and the different types of "traditional" exercise is at the very shallow end of human science. Now I do not mind that but I want to point out the idiocy of someone listening to a personal trainers opinion on Vibration Training and taking it as gospel. Something they are seriously under-qualified to comment on.  This is a ground breaking science using "involuntary reflexes" as the sole source of stimulation. If you do hear a personal trainer commenting on it, even positively, remind yourself they are only probably parroting a comment from someone higher up the food chain.
Now there is a small amount of trainers out there who fully comprehends how much we all don't know, and they will experiment with new things and come to their own conclusions. You will never hear them make a negative or positive comment about something new, until they have tested it. These are the ones I respect and help lead the way.
Note:  Do not confuse these for the trainers that say something negative, get proven wrong, then jump on the bandwagon later because its trendy. They are still on the very bottom rung of the ladder of knowledge.    
Important point to ponder: A Zoologist or Vet has a better chance of "getting it" than almost everybody on the list above.