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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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Why is the Vibration Training market so hard to understand?

by Lloyd Shaw

This is a question I am being asked constantly now with most people getting
very confused as to what to buy , why and from whom. I will quickly explain
below the concerns I have and how the confusion surrounding this industry is
deliberate and why I am so hard on those selling dodgy machines.

(1) If a machine is not built to a good standard not only will it not work
for long ( reports of broken units coming in hard and fast lately ) ,but it
may not work at all. Combine that with the injury risks from uncontrolled 3D
units or machines running at incorrect Fq its just not worth it.

(2) Simply creating a "Vibration" is not Vibration Training , if it was that
simple then we would have had this science up and running 100yrs ago ,
correct ?  Only dishonest marketers will push this idea, because making a
simple vibration is cheap but they can sell nit for a premium based on
real Vibration Trainings potential.

(3) If a machine is built to the level of a proper Vibration Training device
the correct postures needed when in contact with the unit becomes so
important that unsupervised use actually becomes irresponsible. ( education
of the buyer is very important here )

(4) If the program does not match the unit , even the best machine can
become an injury trap.

Why is this not told to you....

To some involved in this industry , taking your money is just a game , with
the fact they are selling you a health product to be used on your body not
even considered. They risk some capital , you risk your spine , and the
expanding obesity crisis comes second to their expanding bank accounts.

This is the game they are playing with you and why it looks so confusing
from the outside......

In chess you have 3 stages to a game.

(1) Opening
(2) Middle game
(3) End game


In the opening players set up their defenses and potential attacks. If a
photo of the game around move 10 was shown to most other players they could
basically work out what's going on even if they had not witnessed the game up
till that point.

Our opening was the "real" industry building good quality units , testing
units , doing R&D or opening places to access them safely.

Middle Game....

This is where you will see pieces scattered all around the board in what
appears to be a random order, a photo of a middle game would tell an outside
player little as to others strategies and past movements, this is YOU the
consumer at the moment , looking at a middle game and wondering why it looks
so disorganized.

This is where the marketers like to step into the game , making off the
confusion and doing their upmost to make out they are a part of the "real"
industry , relying on the presumption you will just get tired of hearing
conflicting information and flow like water to the nearest/cheapest dealer.

The dishonest marketers/manufacturers ( about 90%  at last count )
have relied on this confusion period to be of 5yrs minimum from the
introduction of Vibration Training to your country, so they can make back
their investments. 

My aim is this , to shorten the " Middle Game " buy releasing so much
marketing free information to the consumer as to collapse their plan and
give them a very expensive lesson at the same time. And yes I am aware how
aggressive and condescending this sounds.

The end game is yet to come....

A group of us have made it our relentless endeavor to have a clean industry
where the end game has no losers but those who should not have been playing
with your health in the first place.

If you are still confused , my advice is to wait for us to finish our work.
In the mean time education is your only weapon. Keep reading , keep