3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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What is the IVTRB ?

IVTRB stands for the " International Vibration Training Regulating Body ", and is simply a group of studio owners, trainers and machine developers who's goal is to clarify exactly what Vibration Training is to the consumer and industry people alike. It is our job to bridge the gap between the theory and marketing hype, and the reality of Vibration Training.

Who are the founders of the IVTRB?

These are the people who set up the worlds first dedicated Pivotal and Lineal studios, and along the way have encountered all the con-artists, fake experts, unethical marketers and lazy academics that unfortunately inhabit our industry. Sharing our experiences and opinions freely, we hope to give others who are serious about being involved or purchasing a product from our industry, a heads up on some of the pitfalls we have faced or witnessed. Because we all know it can be an expensive mistake to make dealing with the wrong kind of people.
Important point : When you ask us a question, you will not be asking someone who is jumping on the Vibration Training bandwagon and pretending to be industry leaders. You will be asking the very people who made the commercial industry a reality and the success it is today.

How do I communicate or get advice from members of the IVTRB?

Multiple articles have been written on the IVTRBs home page  www.vibration-training-advice.com to help people do everything from set up a home studio, a commercial studio, or to buy a decent home machine from a reputable company. This website is the worlds largest resource on Vibration Training, with constant updates of new articles being written all the time by members, to add the the already large library of topics.

The website also has an open forum where anyone can ask questions anonymously. But for transparency's sake founding members of the IVTRB always use their full name when posting a comment or answer. So finding anyone of these members and emailing them privately is very easy to do, and anyone is welcome to do so.

What other jobs do the IVTRB do?

The IVTRB founders were the driving force behind almost every safety measure the industry now follows as standard practice, from researching and applying ISO 2631 Occupational Safety and Health Regulations to Vibration Exposure, to safety poses and programs. And we will continue to promote safety as our #1 task as the industry grows and matures globally.
The IVTRB also brings together market players from around the world to help standardize the industry, and with some members being the actual designers and builders of well know machines, we are in the perfect position to give advice based on experience and proven achievements.

Why do companies want to be involved with the IVTRB or follow our recommendations?

Because it is in their best business interests to, as we have a "free referral system" in place to make sure any advice you get from members is unbiased. ( We get no money from any sale we recommend ).  Any company selling a good product, keeping it safe and keeping it honest will automatically become part of that referral system. Plenty of companies have approached us with issues they wish clarified, and we will always help companies trying to better themselves. As we all wish we had that kind of support when first launching our own businesses.
The website also have a "Favorites" section where we freely recommend good retail companies or studios offering decent machines and service to the public. We also have a "Blacklist" section for companies we recommend you do not use. We never shy away from a fight or warning the consumer about dodgy dealers.
Note: No amount of money can get a company on the Favorites page, and no amount of money or moaning can get someone taken off the Blacklist.

Our overall goal is to create a global network of companies and individuals who share our passion for the industry.  I hope you enjoy your experience and find all the information you need to make a good decision.