3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist

A day with Lloyd Shaw

By Jolene Southey  

As CardioTech’s Marketing Director I am very involved in Vibration Training.  This whole field has so much conflicting information and research… I found I needed some clarity. I heard about Lloyd, with a reputation for being a leader in the industry and asked if I could catch up with him in his home town, Auckland. What an experience that was!  I bombarded him with questions to make sense of the different theories and claims and he openly shared his in-depth product and industry knowledge …it was simply awe inspiring! 

What was Jolene's immediate reaction / opinion of Lloyd Shaw, when first only hearing about him ?  

When first hearing of Lloyd I knew him to be a Vibration machine manufacturer and international consultant - he appeared an innovator with an immense amount of technical and industry knowledge.  I must say though I was a little skeptical, not knowing his history and understanding his long-term vision.  

What her expectations were before getting on the plane ?

I boarded the plane for Auckland, really looking forward to experiencing first-hand the world’s highest quality commercialvibration machines – built by Lloyd himself.  I hoped to learn about this industry’s beginnings and where it was at now … and boy did I get an education!  

What she began to learn once she got to Vibra-Train's R&D centre ?

Wow… after spending 10 hours with Lloyd soaking up every word I walked away with a broader understanding of the biomechanics of Vibration… the complex balance achieved through meticulous engineering… the real and concealed differences between the world’s vibration machines … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It was a fascinating day. 

Acting as the engineer, designer, user and instructor of his own machines Lloyd is in the unique position to record and test the results that WBV is giving men and women and that sure is exciting!  Unlike the hundreds of research papers worldwide alluding to health and strength benefits, Lloyd is taking research a step further.  He and his customers are proving the clinical trials right and perfecting programs and his machine’s performance to deliver the best results!  His customer’s body composition tests say it all!

The outlook she now has on the industry and its future ? 

I was inspired by Lloyd’s approach to the industry.  His motivation to protect the consumer from misleading information was genuine and like a father towards his children he was passionate and sincere about seeing the industry grow and flourish. As Lloyd says, ‘this industry will be massive’ – I must say I wholeheartedly share his vision.  The world is yet to truly understand or fully appreciate the life-changing benefits of WBV …but with time, hard work, and an alliance between industry leaders built on ethics and mutual respect, people of all ages will ultimately embrace Vibration and at that point the way we exercise and maintain good health will forever change.