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Vibration Training - not just about looking good

By Di Heap
Advertisements for Vibration Training Studios often promise weight loss along with the benefits of increased fitness but is this a realistic claim? My name’s Di and I work for Vibra-Train as an Instructor. Read My Story below to see what it’s done for me.

One morning I was explaining to a customer how Vibration Training helps with fat-loss and she remarked (with a grin) that maybe it wasn’t working so well for me. Then the next day I read a forum comment about an Instructor who looked like they ate too many “pies and gravy”. While this wasn’t directed at me I began to think about what Vibration Training really does for weight-loss and what it had already done for me. I’ve experienced life changing results so I’m not fazed by these comments but I want people to know the truth ...
Will Vibration Training help you lose weight? What can you really expect?

My Story

When I first came into the Vibra-Train Auckland City Studio I was clinically obese. Sure, I was fit and I was strong but there was no denying that I was getting bigger. Most people wouldn’t have thought I had a weight problem as I wasn’t huge, was very active and looked great but I was developing weight related health problems; impaired glucose tolerance, sore legs, shortness of breath with minor exertion and more. I had an underlying minor cardiac abnormality and had been warned by my Cardiologist that I could become morbidly obese if I didn’t control my weight.

Competing in half-marathon run/race-walk events I’d injured one knee and hip area. These were not going to heal easily while I continued with regular running and race-walking.
My options were few; I needed to keep on exercising but on-going pain was bringing me to a stop.

So how did I get so overweight?

I was a thin child and underweight teenager and used to supplement my diet with milky drinks of Complan (a protein drink designed for strength and weight gain) but no matter how hard I tried nothing worked and I got serious stomach upsets. Into my 20’s having children made no difference; I seemed destined to look like Twiggy. The stomach upsets increased in frequency and intensity until I was admitted to hospital seriously ill.

After having stomach surgery my metabolism completely changed. I had little ability to digest fats so my diet was restricted. I noticed I was gaining weight which was good news at first but over that year I gained around 20kg and when eating regular foods again I continued on an upward spiral.

Although I worked in a Pharmacy and knew the value of exercise all I did was a short walk to the bus stop each morning and I detested sport as I’d experienced cruel taunts from school teachers and other students due to my lanky clumsiness. Stress from an unhappy personal relationship had increased my love of food as an escape mechanism and I simply ignored my out of control weight.

The Answer

Vibration Training at Vibra-Train was the answer to my situation. My hip/gluteus and knee injuries started healing very quickly. I lost fat and gained muscle (proven by Body Composition Analyzer machine) and increased in fitness enormously. My moods stabilized and I even had a positive hormonal response that regulated my female menstrual cycle. It is normal for bone density to decrease with age yet mine has increased.

So, What Now?

After three years of Vibration Training at Vibra-Train (and becoming an Instructor) I am still above recommended weight. For me Vibration Training isn’t about how thin I can become. I sometimes overeat and my goal for 2010 is to regulate my diet and train hard to reach my goals.

Having given up competitive race-walking and running I now walk for relaxation and cardio fitness or I use a treadmill. I vibration train hard two or three times a week. Vibra-Train has given me such positiveness in my life and the realization that I am in control of my fitness and my weight even if my digestion and, being a bit older, my hormones works against me.

The bottom line is: I’m strong and healthy and though vibration training I’ve stopped my decline into morbid obesity and an early, painful death. My boss, Lloyd Shaw is also a mortician. He saw the end results of our modern eating habits and low levels of activity and set up Vibra-Train specifically to combat obesity and its associated health problems. Our studio customers range from athletes through to those with disabilities and everyone obtains some benefits but it’s the obese that get the greatest benefit.

I more than anyone understand when he says "It’s not all about getting a size 8 bikini ass, this is about saving lives”

Because of my experiences I’m the right Instructor to help others in the same position, especially women who have gained weight as they have aged and realize even though it is great to look fit, actually being fit is now our top priority.

It’s true, if you don't have your health your really have nothing.