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What makes the worlds #1 ?

What makes the worlds #1 ?
Every company in the world likes to claim they are  # 1   and the "world leaders " ,  all marketing of course and we all know "self appraisal is no recommendation " but it should get you thinking,  what really makes an industry leader ?  Some seem to think its just building a cheaper version of someone else's idea.  Some seem to really try and move forward.
Well so I can be judged on what I have actually done,  not just what my marketing says,  I have provided a list of the things I am most proud of to date.
Exactly what has Vibra-Train developed ...?
(1) First full commercial High Energy Lineal Vibration Platform.
Before 2004, small size platforms, low weight thresh-holds and lower powered motors meant that all machines were restricted to Pro status. They came with 12 month limited warranties and were really not designed for situations like Gyms or high foot traffic studios. Some companies had actually moved their operations to China and were already releasing embarrassingly bad quality machinery and selling it to Gyms. I did not see how the industry could grow and be taken seriously with such limitations.
On top of that the "pressure" the current machines produced was inadequate to cause an ongoing anabolic effect in the muscle ( according to my calculations ). They were completely relying on Fq x Amplitude and the HyperGravity principle to get results, missing in my opinion massive chunks of the Physics involved. So I wrote my own theory regarding the true nature and limits of eccentric contractions / involuntary reflexes, and went about completing the task to prove I was right. 
I have since released 2 completely different styles of Commercial machines that come in 5 levels, that complete the original theories I wrote and have shown the body composition changes I had predicted.
(2) First " bio-mechanics " built into machine, which allows the energy to be increased with no damage to the person or machine.
The problem was not just creating more energy and pressure for the larger platforms, motors could be found to do that. The problem was "controlling" that energy. You have a myriad of physics issues to deal with once you decide to go High Energy. The steel can crack ( some companies try plastic but that has its own problems and the machine loses function )  If the motors are even slightly out of sync it is very noticeable and can literally tear the machine apart or cause "dead spots" ( uneven vibration ) . A "constructive interference" must be created for every inch of the machine. General wear and tear on the machine is accelerated if this does not happen, so can be a warranty trap for those who get it wrong.
A lot of companies will never move up to High Energy and steel for this very reason.
Now as stated above "control" is the key word here, if the machine slams into you with uncontrolled energy not only does it feel uncomfortable, but it is like jumping on concrete, not good for the joints. It simply feels rough. Reports of bruises forming in the quads from doing simple squats on a uncontrolled High Energy have been recorded last year. This was from a U.S. manufacturer who thought they would just attach bigger motors to a bigger machine because it looked good.
Result....   The people broke, the machines broke.
Note: I will be releasing a lot more work in the future covering why bio-mechanics are so important and all my original theory regarding its development.           
(3) First functional Vibration Handle bar system.
Originally designed for morbidly obese individuals, so a true whole body workout could be given through the arms and legs simultaneously, while still in an upright position ( very important for keeping blood pressure even ) . The handle bars not only take weight but transfer perfect lineal vibrations into the arms. This is by far my most technological advancement as getting a Lineal vibration up a 1 meter handle-bar, with no shearing,  and still creating a constructive interference was something that had never been done, or even attempted before. So this had to be an "isolated invention"  which is completely different from normal R&D .
Note:  There was no-where to borrow ideas from, everything from conception to completion had to be original. 
The handlebars are now used for their intended purpose plus standing push-ups and tri-cep dips for the less mobile, back injury sufferers, and full body-weight pull-ups and tri-cep dips for the more advanced. Truly turning the machine into a full body Gym and Physio workout unit.  They also made the straps some companies still use redundant.         
(4) First unit to drop ZERO specs up to 300kg
A major concern of mine early on in the formation of this industry was the likes of Power Plate releasing machines that dropped almost all speed and amplitude at anything over 80Kg. How can you have a weight loss machine that stops working for heavier people ?  Of course that was back when they were also telling people " all it has to do is vibrate to work " which they have now admitted was not the truth. And are now busy trying to tell people " not all vibrations are created equal "
So because of my aims to help the morbidly obese I decided to not only expose those who would think that is acceptable engineering, but also set an industry benchmark that would frighten the hell out of everybody. And it worked, quite quickly companies started a " mine can take more weight " marketing war ( most still lying furiously) but that didn't matter, what did was they now agreed it was important .
(5) Designed the first isolating material that never needs replacing.
One of the parts on a Lineal Vibration Training machine that can cause even the best machine to drop function over time are the isolators. The materials these are traditionally made of, through normal wear and tear from the vibrations and atmosphere, either harden or dissolve over time. When they are new they have what engineers call a "shore hardness"  but as they degrade the shore hardness changes and starts to effect how a machine performs. Companies charge a small fortune to replace these for you every 6 months or so ( according to the warranty requirements )  or some companies just fail to mention it altogether so people were left to guess why the machines are acting strange. I have seen isolators go as hard a concrete and others turn into paste, and these were on top of the line brands. The best of European engineering ?
I believed this was unacceptable and designed new material for my machines that never needs replacing.
Note: 3 years later Vibro-Gym changed its isolation material for the new Evolution for the same reasons, and I believe all commercial companies will follow suit in the future.      
I have made many more developments I will keep to myself for now that will be released in time, and some are secret,  I have only listed the ones that are on my standard platforms used every day at Vibra-Train and the ones I openly discuss. 
Vibra-Train has also developed and designed other functional changes like .....
(1)  45 degree angle in the front for wheelchair use.
(2)  Standard 8 sec delay.
(3)  Up to 3 min timer.
(4)  Separated electronics
(5)  Safety mat system.
(6)  The 10 Min Static Safety program.
(7)  Handle bar design for "bio-mechanical marker" reference points.
(8)  Anti-skid, anti-dirt, anti-wear carpet to replace the "sandpaper" companies were using. 
That combined with the articles I have written over the years, all original work, and I think I am in a position to ask you the consumer, to ask any other companies that waves the " We are the #1"  flag this simple question.....
What has your company invented or developed since you joined the industry? ... Because leaders do not follow or copy, they lead.