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The good and bad of positive research

by Lloyd Shaw

This new study    http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20090511/can-vibration-plates-shake-off-weight?ecd=wnl_lbt_051309&em=Z2xld2lzQGNsZWF is going to be used by every single company that sells something that vibrates up, down, sideways or tilts fast enough to be called a vibration.  And even though some companies would be justified in using it to support the effectiveness of their product about 99% of the industry have NO claim to the positive outcomes shown in that report.

Here are the facts.....

The study was done on a newer Power Plate machine designed to take heavier loads. It was a fiberglass Lineal machine and would be considered to be at the upper end of the " Medium Energy Lineal " category as per our review here  http://www.vibrationtraining.net/2009/03/whole-body-vibration-training-machine-review-categories . No one except Power Plate and other companies on that same/similar level and above can rightfully use that study in any kind of advertising. I think this is logical to most but we will soon see how many people in our industry come up with justifications for twisting it for their own marketing purposes. I am quite sure I will be slamming a few companies in the very near future for exactly that, but for now we get to Power Plates problem.

Now of course we can not ask Power Plate to name their equals and above, because that would be paramount to "sales": suicide. But Power Plate at the same time must differentiate themselves or lose sales to much lesser and probably cheaper units. A catch 22 if there ever was one.  So what are you going to do as a consumer to get around this, everyone's either going to lie or not say anything at all.  So here is the ONLY answer.....

The old fashioned try before you buy......

Yes it might seem simple but so many people forget this common piece of advice. Trust that your body knows the "difference" in quality when it feels it, you do not need a PHD to feel something , after all your body is very in tune with its surrounding and gives feedback you instinctively understand.  No big word or fancy sales speech to worry about. Go somewhere you can try a Power Plate ( a larger model like used in the study , not a home unit ) then find somewhere you can try other machines. As always the more the merrier.

A 1 minute basic squat ( as per the safety program here  http://www.vibra-train.com/exercises-bullet.html )  is the perfect position to do this tests, do not let the salesperson talk or distract you during this. Tell them to put it on a good workout setting and vibrate off .  Even after 3 units you will get the idea.

Important note: No one in the study we are aware of had injuries or physical limitation that would stop them from doing a basic squat, so if you do have one it is not advised you try this test. ( "its too hard" is not a physical limitation, that's a mental one )  

Having done that and made a decision, buy the product and use with a calorie restricted diet if you want the kind of results seen in the research, please note that buying a lighter home model for economic reasons will also vary the outcome. The whole point of this is to understand machines are NOT all the same, even if built buy the same company . I am sure a number of companies that sell larger machines like those used in the research will attach it to their cheaper home models , this is also unethical without clearly disclosing it , and would put them in the same bracket as the marketers who would attach it to anything that moves.