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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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Super Fatigue and why it sometimes feels so hard

What is Super Fatigue...?
Well before Vibration Training came along this was something only felt by the most dedicated athletes. It is the point where your body tells you it really wants to stop, but you just keep on going through sheer will-power.  But Vibration Training has something even over the most hard-core athlete. It lacks the ability to let you back off ( unless you deliberately go out of position in which case the machine will be turned off by your instructor )
Eg....  If you were running, and you hit "the wall" you can slow up a bit to recover and continue. You are in complete control over how hard you push yourself.
With Vibration Training being "involuntary", you have no such say, it continues at the exact same pace for the required time. At the pace of these machines you very quickly reach fatigue and then we ask you to go beyond. For most people the 53 second mark is where they reach fatigue, so doing 60 seconds poses is only really asking for another 7 seconds on top of your natural fatigue level during fight or flight. How hard can that be I heard you say, 7 seconds is not that long.  Well its actually adding another 300 or so contractions on top of when your body wants to stop. So those 7 seconds can feel like an eternity.  I have often been accused of "fiddling" with the timer to make it slow down near the end.
Note: Time slowing down... ?  It has been documented that during times of fight or flight your mind does indeed seem to slow down time.  It quite often is reported during accidents. In the wild this is thought to give our mind time to process information faster and hopefully avoid being eaten or getting hurt. But unfortunately in Vibration Training, there are no such advantages. It just draws out those last 7 seconds like another whole minute. Yippee!

The first minute of the first pose, why it hurts more than the others ........
This one is simple. Your body has not had time yet to produce any of the natural pain killers  ( http://www.vibration-training-advice.com/vibration-training-and-pain-management ) that normally numb at least some of the fatigue. In the first minute you are feeling everything. Sorry no way around it, for your body has to feel pain for it to want to produce those pain killers. But the good news is these natural drugs are in your blood, so it even helps on the muscles you have not worked out yet.
You take a couple of weeks off, and it seems impossibly hard when you come back.....?
What going on here. Surely you cant lose strength and stamina that quickly. Why does it feel like you are starting all over again ?  Well the good news is you haven't in reality lost anything, it is all just an illusion. What has happened is actually a very natural thing, and is designed to protect the species from extinction. What's he going on about you say ? Well think about this. If animals could really remember and visualize past pain, it would warn them away from giving birth more than once. But the fact remains no matter how much pain we go through the memory of it fads very quickly.
You have literally forgotten how much it hurts. But don't worry, it only takes 1 minute to refresh that memory.
Note;  If you could do a 2 min Super Squat before, you will still be able to finish it. Proof you haven't actually lost anything. 
Why doesn't it get easier the longer I do Vibration Training  ..... ?
Note: Now this only really relates to High Energy Lineal units, as they tend to increase strength quite dramatically,  in both males and females, not so much for lighter machines.
This is only asked when people try to relate Vibration Training directly to resistance training. Even usually after being told to not bring any pre-conceived notions about exercise into the studio. But people will be people.
Now usually if you were doing the same weight at the gym every time you went, it would eventually get easier, then you would shift up a weight. But what is going on in true Vibration Training is not even similar. For a start it is important to pin-point the exact poses that get harder, because not all of them do. They are always the "Direct Response"  poses. ( see here for the definition  http://www.vibration-training-advice.com/the-4-main-categories-of-vibration-training-poses  )
This is where your body is either pushing or pulling in a direct response to the platform or handle bars. And the thing people fail to account for is if you get stronger and gain muscle cells ( important part of burning more fat ) that eccentric contraction will also get stronger and you will be using more cells and energy than ever before. So the "perceived exertion" should increase not decrease.  Now remember we are multiplying that increased effort by 2500 reps per minute, so even the smallest increase in strength will be making you really feel it.
Note: If anyone wishes to test the above theory it is simple, do resistance training alongside true Vibration Training and right at the point were Vibration Training seems to get harder, you will have a jump in strength at the gym.