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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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Weight Loss, Resistance Training / Vibration Training for Woman

This is a topic that always seems to confuse people, only because they have been either directly lied to, not told the whole truth by advertisers, magazines, their parents, or the fitness industry for so many years that they genuinely have no idea how the human body really works. Of course it could be said that it is every persons reasonability to understand at least the basics about the only thing they truly own ( their body ), but it is almost easier to believe the half truths than question them sometimes.
First off I have to attack the term "weight loss" when it comes to exercise in general. How do we measure our weight, with a set of scales, but it is seldom taught that scales are ONLY useful to those ONLY  using diet to control their weight. Once exercise is brought into the equation they become useless, and by useless I mean they actually work against your true goals, which are what...... ?
To be as small but as heavy as possible !!!   
That's right I said "heavy" not "light" the opposite of everything you have probably ever been taught right ? Now if your head has not already exploded I will explain the logic and science behind this.
Anabolic activity, why do you want this........?
Sounds like an illegal body building activity doesn't it. Why, because the term has been linked to people who abuse anabolic steroids, a drug some guys deliberately overdose on to increase anabolic behavior in their bodies so they can get freakily huge.  Usually only succeeding in impressing their mates  ( which is kind of worrying in itself ). But anabolic activity is normal and is actually part of how you grew up, got tall and developed. It is the process of creating new cells and is at the very essence of what people call "muscle tone" . Quite simply when your body is put under pressure it wants to put new and improved cells in the place it felt that pressure.
Note:  This activity is also responsible for building new bone. 
To help you understand how this changes the way your body looks, especially as we age, we need to look at good examples of both extreme conditions muscles can be in.
Sarcopenic ....
This is the clinical term for a muscle with basically no protein and very little cells. Visually it looks spongy. Think about that model on the catwalk that looks great in cloths, but you take them off and you are greeted with wobbly arms and a saggy bum.  That is Sarcopenic Girl. A lot of older woman who only use diet or cardio to control their weight end up looking like this. 
Now unlike what you imagine this does not mean "big" muscles, it means "high quality"  What it looks like is what you expect to see on a bikini model.  Everything is defined and holding itself up. And the surprising thing is they are probably about 5-10 kg heavier than they look.
Note: Most girls under the age on 18 have natural muscle tone, because they are still growing and producing new cells all the time.
So the first thing you have to do as a woman is make the decision which one of those you want to look like.  And no you do not get to sit in the middle and say " I want to be super shinny but carry good muscle tone" this is not Fantasy Island, its reality and those are your only 2 choices.
But why do I have to do Weights or Vibration Training to look like that, I hear you ask.  Cant I just do any exercise .....?
Well think about this, do long distance runners have sexy legs. I mean with the amount of exercise they get they should have the sexiest most toned legs around, but instead they look all boney and old. Why is this , because just moving your muscles is not enough to create an Anabolic effect. The Queen waves a lot but she does not have one very toned arm because of it. In fact just flapping your arms and legs around may burn some calories and work out your heart, but little else goes on. After you stop flapping your arms and legs around your body stops burning energy and goes back to its resting state.
What putting the muscle under "pressure" does, and this is done by short sharp burst of Vibration Training or Lifting Weights, is tell your body it needs some new cells to make the job easier tomorrow.  Doing this repetitively means you end up with more cells tightly packed into the same space as you had before. Creating these new cells does a few great things. Firstly the task of building them burns up a lot of energy but more importantly it changes your "Body Composition"   ( what you are actually made up of )  and this changes not only how your body looks, but how it works.  It is similar to getting a brand new engine and other important parts to your car, not just a paint job.
This new high quality tissue also takes a lot to feed, so it sucks up any protein in your diet and will actually burn more calories, even while you sleep.
And as if it couldn't get any better, this anabolic response causes the body to produce anti-aging hormones. That's right instead of looking like you are 70 when you are only 50, like most long distance runners or chronic dieters, you could end up looking younger.  
So repeat after me....
Good quality muscle and bone weighs a lot.
So you want to get heavier but smaller.
Now go throw your scales out.