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Christa Posted On:2019-08-09 00:04:28

I have a Power Plate My3 for sale in Allegheny County, PA. It belonged to my great uncle who recently passed away. I dont think he had a chance to use it very much before he died.

We arent able to ship it, so if someone lives in the Allegheny PA area and is interested, please email me at christak at bellsouth dot net

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-29 19:33:46

Yes thankyou Di Heap. Big pain in the ass. Getting IT Guy to try and stop it. 

Di Heap Posted On:2019-06-23 00:17:44

So much spam on this site now. Although I no longer work for Lloyd for ages, I tried to login to remove the spam,  using old saved details on my laptop, but alas my details no longer work. How do the spammers get past the CAPTCHA. There must be a way to protect this forum, its unattractive in present form.

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-11 23:01:16

I do have two newer units for Lease in Perth. ...If someone tries to sell those units  that should be in storage  they would be stolen goods. As I own them and we do not sell units to the public...

I am just checking up on their security now.  


Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-11 20:22:48

Tania...... Who is selling themk do you know 

Tania Posted On:2019-06-09 19:36:12

I was just talking to Powerplate looking for a Pro5 or Pro7 commercial machine, then noticed 2 VibraTrain machines from New Zealand for sale here in Perth, 1 has vibrating bars and the other does not, are these good machines, apparently not that old either 




Nordic Fitness 

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-05 11:00:02

Have to aplogize for the spam this site gets. Sometimes it is just a robot, other times they are actual attacks because of the sites contents. I delete it often, so please just ignore and still ask your questions.


Lloyd Shaw

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-05-11 16:30:46
Yes it was one of the reasons I stopped buying those units. Not only did the quality start to drop, but they refused to even look at redesigning the unit so the electronics could be swapped out in segments. 
They way they had it was trying to trap owners into forking out about 7K or go out of business. 
Dillan Posted On:2019-05-10 19:35:00

Thanks for getting back to me Lloyd...even if it wasnt the news I wanted. I suppose I just keep using it until it finally dies...

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-05-10 18:28:15
Hello Dillan, glad to hear you are well.
Sorry but once those units go, they are just too expensive to fix. And I do not know of anyone who fixes them over here. ( not my design or I could do it ) .They make them solid state so it costs 7K to replace the whole electronic board. 
Also the old owner of Power Plate now runs VG. And you know how trustworthy they are. He only cuts corners. 
Dillan Posted On:2019-05-08 19:37:05

Hi Lloyd,

I used to work at the Botany VibraTrain studio about 10 years ago. When they shut down I bought one of their VibroGym units which I love and use a couple of times a week as part of my weight training programme. It has recently developed an intermitant fault where it just stops during a cycle and the control panels just shows vertical red lines, not the numbers. If I switch it off at the wall and turn it back on again it usually sorts itself out ok, but I am worried its on its last legs. Do you know if this is a common fault and do you have contact details of someone who can look at it for me.

Many thanks, Dillan

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-04-12 15:46:15
There is nothing specific you can do on the machine. But from past experience it seems to help most sufferers. 
But just the standard safety program. Keep the speeds low and work on form. If you over-stimulate or over-train, it may flare up your condition.
Hugo Posted On:2019-04-11 07:17:52

I have a Revolution HQ which I got 2nd hand but is like new. My health issue is peripheral neuropathy which presents as heat in my feet and is very painful. Nothing has changed despite a lot of medical focus and dietary requirements. I am looking for some instructions for exercises to do on the HQ to see if I can get some relief. Medication is fruitless but I am sure there is a more holistic solution and I am sure the HQ will be a part of that. Any guidance much appreciated. Am I correct Rev HQ NZ have dissappeared

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-04-04 17:48:01
Email me on  and I can give you a list of electronic engineers who look after those units. 
Trent Posted On:2019-03-30 16:18:42

Do you know if Gravity HQ who makes the gravity revolution is out of business.

I can t find their website anymore and have a machine of theirs and the power supply fuse went out and Im needing to figure out what fuse to replace with as I dont clearly see that.


Any feedback is appreciated

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-03-20 11:13:59
Yes the Bulletproof unit is a very basic Medium Energy Lineal platform. Used strictly with a proper program will give good overall body composition change. 
Teresa Posted On:2019-03-15 06:06:51

I have opportunity to purchase a used Bulletproof Vibe.  Is it a good choice

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-02-28 16:44:32


Higher Fqs on Lineal are Ok for massage. 

Paula Posted On:2019-02-28 05:19:05

Thank you Lloyd! Yo ur response was very helpful. Is there any application at all , in your opinion in which the higher frequencies would be beneficial

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-02-27 19:14:57

The Body Vibe unit you have has been around a long time. It is classed as a Lower - Medium Energy Lineal unit. 

The Fq settings always seemed randomly high, 54 - 81 hz ( most Lineals are 30hz -- 50hz ). But it will not cause you any harm. I would work on the lower Fq to get the best out of the unit, as if it runs too fast your muscles simply stop responding properly. 

The poses are the most important thing. Eg... Holding perfect angles for 60 seconds. Because the unit is quite small you will just have to do you best to replicate the most important 5 poses. Check out the Lineal program we have here...
Paula Posted On:2019-02-26 15:09:42

Hi, I just aquired an older model called the Body Vibe International personal1000. I believe its probably about ten years old. Its in excellent condition and works well. It was given to me and Im trying to find out more info on it. From what I can find the lowest setting appears to be 54 Hz progressing up through nine levels to as high as 78Hz. Even the lowest setting seems like a lot of Hz to me. I believe its linear, or maybe vertical....not sure. The max amplitude is 3.185mm, Max G loading is1.25, and horizontal displacement is0.38 mm. Any info you can give me on this machine would be appreciated. Im fit and used to working out, but Im not sure what the best setting would be given the lowest is already 54Hz.  Thanks

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