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Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2020-01-08 10:13:26
Sorry folks. Still lots of spam hitting the site every day. 

Please continue to ask questions and they will be answered and the spam deleted. 
Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-12-17 17:20:15

Your answer is here...

What is it ( I already know, just testing you ) 
Ciaobella Posted On:2019-12-17 12:42:04

Thank you so much for your advice, have had a look at the site  how do I now if my machine is pivotal or linear

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-12-16 17:59:42

Best to follow the instructions on this site for Pivotal Program 

Keep the speed on its lowest settings until you have mastered the workout poses for 60 seconds. Then take it up one notch and repeat the process.

Only ever turn up the speeds for massage.No matter what you read or hear from other companies. Lots fell into a Fqs War trap and failed everybody.   

And yes if done properly it will take years to get up to any kind of speed. 
Ciaobella Posted On:2019-12-16 14:19:20

Hi  wondering if you can help.  I have just purchased secondhand a Gravity HQ machine but it had no user manual and I am not sure how to get the best out of this machine.  I have a back injury and want to use if for toning, circulation, strenght etc.  Can you suggest where I might get more info, what speed to use etc.  This is a great forum  thanks for your time.

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