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Ben Breda Posted On:2018-12-29 20:51:05

I am just going to add my two cents that vibration machines really do work, and if you don't believe me, look up the research on PubMed. I have reviewed the best vibration machines out there, you can find this article here..

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-12-28 11:05:02
I could have just deleted your comment. Because experience has shown me it is more likely to be scaremongering rubbish from a Personal Trainer or someone with an ulterior motive other than other people safety.Especially now it is 2018.This tech is NOT new. But I do not do that, because it would be unethical of me ( a marketer would ) 
The list of precautions you listed, if you got it off a list on the internet,  was just that ' precautions" we as developers of the machines published over 15 years ago. Not only to be super safe, but so they could be openly  discussed globally. It was quite often just copy and pasted by marketers to make it appear they were "experts" in the field.  
After 15 years of large scale commercial use, most the the precaution list turned out to be just us being super safe, and have slowly dropped off to a small list of actual contraindications. 
Note: It turned out "how" you use the devices was the most important factor in safety. I have only ever come across a couple of machines that were dangerous from an engineering / ergonomic point of view. 
P.S. Think about this. They have been used in Children's Hospitals for full decade now, and promoted by most groups involved in helping people with the most severe disabilities. Like MD, or CP , etc... along with studies in Universities on these groups. .
If you have any idea how hard it is to get an ethics committee to pass this for at risk demographics, you would know how safe Vibration Training or Therapy is. But it has to be be added, the amount of cowboy fake experts out there selling machines, academics doing research, instructing in gyms etc....on any of the 5+ category of machines available is still a concern to people like me. 
Which is why this site was set up.     
D Posted On:2018-12-23 21:20:42

I know that WBV can cause brain injury, vision, hearing and balance problems. If you feel your head vibrates stop doing it. Also people with cardiovascular diseases, avoid.

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-12-14 19:05:42
 Quite simply I would not believe a single thing they said. I once backed them to the hilt and gifted them sales, with the understanding they would be 100% upfront with me to help protect the consumer. It turned out the owner could not lie in bed straight and blamed all the breakages on his customers.  
Check out this old article...
They are really crazy. And I mean that. Absolute nutters to deal with.Quite a shame really. 
Not really checked on TurboSonic recently. They just got too far out on all their weird theories for me, and refuse to accept the limitations of any device driven by the motor system they choose ( which I discounted for electrical / heat reasons 15 years ago ) And they also still promote as far as I know that just standing jiggling at certain Fqs is Vibration Training.  Which is quite simply not true.. 
Just had a look, and the machines seem identical in nature, just a different shell. 
Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-12-14 18:05:08
As you can see from our review section, that "type" of unit is a Lower Speed v Pivotal.
The speed settings mean nothing. It could be running at any random Fq. It is certainly NOT running at 30HZ. 
Great Vibration Therapy unit, and you can get some Training results, but you really have to be strict on how you use it. Anything that feels easy is doing bugger all. 
Jena Posted On:2018-12-08 16:34:12

Hey Lloyd I have a HyperGravity but train using your protocol. Curious why Hypergravity made your black list, is it primarily their tactics or the quality of their machine. Also curious if youve had a chance to check out the Turbosonic usa and if so, what do you think


Nicole Posted On:2018-12-05 18:41:56

Hi! Thoughts on the Vibrabody Slimmer it goes up to 30.

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-11-12 15:24:11

FitVibe are a good brand. I would find out exactly how old the machine is though.  I think they have had some in stock for years  And ask how much replacement isolators etc... are.  or any other parts that wear out  



Maia Posted On:2018-11-10 21:38:20

Hey Lloyd what are your thoughts on the vibration machine on the website called( fitvibe )costs 12g

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-10-19 12:45:14

Peter .  All good mate.

Peter Posted On:2018-10-17 17:26:06

Hi Lloyd

Many many thanks for your help regarding the HQGravity fix, one of your contacts was extremely helpful in fixing the computer board error and we are again up and running. Really appreciated.


Robie Posted On:2018-10-05 23:57:12

Hey All, 

The vibration concerns can be fixed by using a wireless vibration transmitter from which I am using with ith vibration training device which keeps me updated whenever I use it with vibration training device, It was just a test which works well with this device.

If any consultation you need do let me know.

Phil Posted On:2018-09-24 12:14:27

Hello Lloyd, my wife and I just purchased a hyper vibe G-17 pro and have been using it for a couple days and are enjoying it very much. Now I see on your site that hyper vibe is on your blacklist. I’m wondering why? Is it the ethics of their business practices that you have an issue with or the machine itself? 

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-09-01 10:14:05

Jody M    Email me 

Jody M Posted On:2018-08-14 18:25:21

Hi Lloyd,

Do you know if there is a contact in New Zealand for the Gravity HQ 

jose Posted On:2018-08-07 19:25:20

Lloyd, thank so much! I will read it tonight

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-08-06 15:54:53

Read this, I still apply the same rules for my studios




Jeg Posted On:2018-08-02 12:49:37

hello! I just bought a vibrator plate.

Four years post Colon cancer surgery, still two lymph nodes present in the abdominal cavity which are involved.

how safe according to your experience will be to use the machine in this situation

thank you so much for all the help

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-07-05 13:29:15
Connie , sorry for late reply.
Yes, use it in a Lineal fashion at 110. 
Connie Posted On:2018-06-22 15:33:45

Thank you soooo much Lloyd!  Once I’ve settled into the seated therapy would it be best to do standing sideways so it’s more like lineal or 110 degree squats. 

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-06-22 14:04:31
Sorry I cant answer that, as these types of machines are a bit specialized. Without the plans a standard tech may find it hard to find the issue.
Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2018-06-22 14:01:36
(1) Yes Ok to do seated therapy multiple times a day.
(2) A few hz, ( 3 or 4 )  but not too fast or it will stop communication with your brain.
(3) Make sure of you do any standing. Keep the fq low and keep your heels down the whole time. So feet dead flat and equal pressure over your whole foot. Going on your toes will put strain on your knees. 
Or even better, turn sideways which will give you a Lineal vibration. It may be softer on the knees until you build up some strength. 
(4) Just a standard squat, feet flat will do all that needs to be done. Going up on your toes actually shuts of some of the muscle that needs stimulating.    
Connie Posted On:2018-06-22 03:44:05

Good morning, Lloyd  Im back to using my Gravity Revolution 2.  I have been sitting on a high stool with feet flat at the lowest speed of 5 for 20 minutes and my knees felt better afterwards

1.  Can I do it many times a day

2.  Would it be okay to up the speed

3. If so, what would be the max speed I should go to

You had suggested I do a very low speed 110 degree squat as a result of my severe bone on bone medial arthritis.  I did it once and my knee hurt more although the next morning I was okay.  Thinking of focusing on the sitting therapy mentioned above and gradually adding this in. 

4.  My daughters feet and ankles hurt her especially if she stands for long.  Advice from GR taking my knees into account was to stand and go up on tiptoes and back down etc for 5 minutes at speed 12.  Im thinking that would help feet and ankles.  Do you have any other thoughts on exercises that would help


Michael Posted On:2018-06-20 12:48:39

Hi Lloyd.

Referring back to Peters problem with the Gravity HQ machine, the E02 error, what type of a technician would be required to investigate and fix problems with these vibration machines. Surely maybe a sparky would be able to have a bash at fixing it

Cheers, Michael

Peter Posted On:2018-06-18 20:46:11

Much appreciated lloyd, thanks for that.


Lloyd Sha@W Posted On:2018-06-14 13:18:12
Have contacted the HG guys to see if they can help. 
Yes a shame what happened, but some people just get burnt out by such a viscous but young industry. As far as I am aware, they had plans to come back, but we can only wait and see. 
Am keeping an eye out for something decent for both of you. I know what type I would recommend, it is just a matter of time before one pops up. 
Michael Posted On:2018-06-12 17:01:26

Hi Lloyd

Adding onto Peters comments re gravityhq machine, my partner and I are also looking for good quality machine we can buy for ourselves that I can get deliverred to us in Christchurch. I had my heart set on the GravityHQ but if there is no local support, then I would rather steer clear. Can you recommened a good quality machine such as GravityHQ that we can purchase for home use. As per recommendation, we need to get hold of a good quality machine that can easily handle a weight of at least 160kgs.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Cheers, Michael

Peter Posted On:2018-06-12 09:18:30

Hi Lloyd

As an extension to my question regarding HQ Gravity support in NZ, I see you are pretty up to the play with machines available here in NZ. Can you recommend any that also seem to have solid backing and are likely to be around in 5 to 10 years. Pretty annoyed that only 3 years after spending 3000 this company no longer exists and its owners have gone underground.

Peter Posted On:2018-06-02 08:53:21

Hi Lloyd

Partner and I bought an HQ Gravity machine 3 years back which died several months back showing an E02 error. Unable to contact the company or individuals on any of their numbers or web addresses. We are in Hamilton. Any idea who services these in NZ

Lloyd Sha@W Posted On:2018-05-14 14:12:36
Hello Donald,
The review guide is so you can ascertain what category a machine is before you part with any money. Actual brands are pretty useless due to most companies just buying any machine available and putting a sticker on it. 
Also read this    lots of the articles in the consumer side of this site educates and protects you.

If you come back and give me some idea of what you want or can afford, I should be able to nail something down local  for you. And please add any details about yourself if relevant.   

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