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Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-11-26 13:22:35

The REAL full Advanced TRUE Vibration Training Program

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-10-05 17:51:35


Important note: Disregard ALL info seen on T.V. or shopping malls. Or even half the info sold with these machines. To say this industry is full of dodgy companies and characters would be a massive understatement. The programs attached are usually stolen from another company, as clueless as they are. Funny, not funny.  

The good news, most machines are very useful with the right information. 

DO NOT USE IF ; Pregnant,  Active Cancer, Active infection, recent injury or surgery that may bleed. DVT ( where you have a clot waiting to shift or be broken up )   

Here are the basic ways these machines should be used for safe results …
Please note: There are no special poses for particular conditions. Pivotal is sometimes preferable to Lineal for certain aims, Lineal for others. 

And there are quite obvious safer poses based on peoples mobility or other limitations. Common sense and safety should always prevail over risking behavior. 

Basic category of poses / programs are ....

Re-training / Physio = All the kind of results you would expect doing physio exercises normally + some hyper-circulation as an added bonus.  

Training =  Any position where you are taking a muscle group to fatigue. The duration, angles in the poses and the forces involved will help activate muscle quality change, bone density, body fat % reduction etc.... These poses will be hard to hold for any more than 60 seconds if you are doing it properly.  

Note: Do not expect any of the Physio poses to do these tasks. No matter how much you wish the easy stuff will change your metabolism, body composition or body shape. That is just not possible.   
Eg....If anyone has told you just standing on a machine just shaking around will cause body fat % loss they lied to you. Plain and simple. 

Pure Physio / Therapy 

(1)  Just sitting in front of the machine in a chair with your feet on the platform, a little apart in a comfortable, natural position.

 Machine on lowest speed, running for 10 minutes, hands holding onto your knees. 
Time: 10 minutes twice day.

 This improves circulation throughout the body and is a safe position for everyone, including people with serious circulation problems. It can relieve pain in joints, including shoulder/upper body as the hands on knees position transfers vibration gently to the upper body as well as feet on platform transfers to the lower body.  Helps with relaxation and sleep. 

(2) Just standing upright on the machine, on its lowest speed in Pivotal mode. Best use is for balance and circulation. You can stand completely upright or with relaxed knees, slight squat, which feels more comfortable for many people.
MUST - Hold onto a solid chair or handle bar if needed.

Begin Training ......

(3) Squat: Using a strong towel rail on the little platform or the handle bars on the larger unit. Set the machine to run for 10 minutes, lowest speed. Pivotal. 

 Start standing for a few minutes then go down into a semi-squat until you feel a burning sensation in your quads/top front of legs. 

 Slowly stand back up into the physio / rest position (straight upright or relaxed knees, both are equal) until you feel rested, then repeat this pattern for the 10 minutes.

Standing whole body workout / Balance  / Pivotal mode. 

A more serious variation of this if you have good balance is to put your hands on your knees while in the squat position and bend your elbows. ( looks like you are having a rest after a run ) 

 This position will move your legs and arm muscles simultaneously. When it gets too hard stand upright for a rest, then repeat that cycle until the 10 minutes is up.  All movement needs to be slow and careful.

Advancing training .....

(4) Full Segmental Vibration Training Program. Of course modifying it depending on the size of your machine. But there are two basic programs, one for Pivotal, one for Lineal. Please do not mix them up. 

Marilyn Posted On:2019-10-05 09:14:42

Thank you for your response. To be clear, the VBX 4,000 representative represented the machine in a dishonest manner. Saying it was a medical machine unlike others.

I did look at your blacklist, but the Euro Body ShaPer was not there. I did not realize it’s connection to Vibra-Slim or Europlate. I do have buyers remorse. Hopefully the Euro Body Shaper PP2 and the Euro Power Board (I have both) will help with our health issues. That was the purpose of our purchase. 

The health issues I referenced are for different people. Each and everyone have no problems with mobility. I personally wanted a machine to help build bone (osteoporosis) and I am functioning with Rheumatoid arthritis. My feet and legs are quite well. My elbows and hands have deformity. Another person has fibromyalgia and it hinders them in productivity, but they are functional. Another with Lupus...affecting the skin. They are very functional. Another with high blood pressure...very active individual. Another with cerebral palsy...very mobile, but has balance issues and some slight speech issues.  He is 7 and I’d like to know what is helpful and advisable for him. Another is a 77, very active man that has put on belly weight ( he was very slim all his life) and he has recently also experienced osteoarthritis in his knees. He wants to lose weight and help with his knees. Lastly, a person with lower back pain...he gets relieve with stretching. 

Thank you for any help you can offer. 


Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-10-04 13:38:09

As a mortician, tell your husband the clot was formed by the HRT and you NOT being on disprin ( or something similar ) and any kind of movement was going to shift it eventually. And yes it could have been the machine that did it. ( an active clot is a well known contraindication to using any kind of machine ) 

But the reality is people either feel a clot ( by it hurting and throbbing so badly you can not sleep ) in which case you have a chance to catch it. But a lot of people simply never feel them.

 And in that case the sooner it was shifted, the better. As if it shifted later and was bigger, you probably would not be typing right now.

Note : For most people it happens getting out of a car, or up off the chair from watching TV, or getting up off the toilet. And it has all been happening long before VT was even invented.


And another fact....  The kind of Pivotal machine you are using was invented and is used for stroke recovery. After hundreds of studies over a couple of decades it is deemed safer than walking or stair climbing.( once the clot is gone of course )  

There are loads of studies going back years on the topic. But some are a bit hard to follow because academics have used some pretty random machines in the research. But even though that is the case, NOT ONE study to date showed there was any kind of danger in using a platform and every single one passed the ethics tests. 

Follow Di Heaps advice on how to use it. And STAY on the blood thinners so you never have that issue again.   
Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-10-04 13:28:21
Marilyn Hagen  

I would have little reason to doubt the VBX 4000 has a Medical Device category of some kind ( there are a few categories ) . Probably like the Power Plate. Which just means it is electrically sound enough to be used in a clinical setting.It just sounds fancy. 99% of units on the market could get one if they tested for it. 

The people that sell the Euro Body Shaker ( formally VibraSlim )  may have been in business for a while, but during that time they changed names due to terrible reviews. And being caught selling machines with fake specifications. Multiple reports of machines breaking. And promoted the idea that just standing on the machine shaking side to side would cause weight loss, which is highly dishonest and targeted directly at desperate people .

None of the above was needed to sell machines. Plenty of other companies just told the truth. And the real funny thing was, was when they relaunched under the new brand, they had the cheek to warn people about companies selling machines using the tricks they had used. They have zero shame.

As far as I know they just changed names one day, purchased another machine from China, and put the word Euro on it to fool consumers. And left everyone else who had purchased a Vibra-Slim with no-one to contact.

All these sites just disappeared


They are actually on my Blacklist for bringing our industry into disrepute ( Vibra-Slim ( Europlate ) Etc ...)

So lets hope all goes well for you and nothing goes wrong. Fingers crossed.

As far as your conditions are concerned. I really need a lot more info on your particular issues and current mobility to even begin offering decent advice. But for most of it, there are only safer therapy poses or full on workout poses ( for weight loss to be done ) 

Valerie Posted On:2019-10-04 06:45:40

Hello again,

Thankyou for your information regarding the ISE vibration husband is still not happy for me to use it and I am really sad I can't exercise.....his argument is that if there was a clot on an artery that the vibration has likely moved it and therefore it has ended up up in my head and caused the mini this possible? ? Might this have happened anyway ......I have also been taking HRT which has now been stopped because this has a history of causing strokes.....but my husband is adamant it's the vibration plate 

Di Heap Posted On:2019-10-04 02:02:33


I am not familiar with the ISE Vibration Plate but pictures show me that it is a small pivotal, moves like a see saw, machine without handlebars of any sort.

That is the type of machine I used to sell and it is expecially good for people who have limited mobility or need help with circuation. It is extrememly unlikely that it would cause your stroke.. unless you used it as a pillow and put your head on the machine which I am sure no one would do.. I am trying to make you laugh.

In fact we recommend this type of machine to people like yourself once you have recovered a little. Has your doctor cleared you to do simple excercise such as go for short walks. Then you can use your little vibration machine in this way  

Sit on a chair in front of the machine with your feet on the machine platform.  You can wear flat shoes or just socks. Think of the machine like a see saw with a bar in the centre through the middle of the display and make sure your feet are one each side of that middle line. Very simple and natural sitting position. Turn the machine on, it will probably turn on to its lowest setting, very slowly side to side. Adjust it is you need to and use the lowest setting, not any program. There is no benefit using a higher setting.

Place your hands on your knees and thats all, just sit there feeling the gentle vibration in your legs and arms to help your circulation. 3 minutes maybe to start but 10 minutes once or twice a day is your goal. Any pain or headache or dizziness Stop immediately. You dont need to do any other exercises on the machine and you dont need to stand upright on it until you are very comfortable just sitting. You have not said what positions or exercises you were doing previously.

Please note I am not registered to give medical advice. I have used and sold these machines and worked as a Vibration Training Instructor for many years. I will add the link to an instruction video later.

valerie Posted On:2019-10-03 20:37:57

Can you tell me please if an ISE vibration plate is ok to use or is it blacklisted   I have been using one since June 219 and have suffered a minor stroke and I am now worried whether or not this was caused by the vibration plate......I am 68 years old and generally physically fit. I asked the manufacturer for a safety data sheet for the machine but there was none, so I then asked Amazon to help with the issue but they have said ask the manufacturer.......which of course i have already done to no avail.

Marilyn Hagen Posted On:2019-10-02 00:42:39

Thank you Lloyd Shaw for your response. If I understand correctly, the Eurobody Shaper Pro Plus 2 (sold by Euroshine, Inc.) and the VBX 4,000 (sold by M&E Sales) are quite similar in your opinion. You highly recommend the VBX 4,000 ONLY because of the company behind it. Is that correct ?  

Before hearing from you, I had purchased the Eurobody Shaper Pro Plus 2 and was considering cancelling on your recommendation, but I have missed the three day return deadline. Not knowing all the exact differences, I based my decision on the 40 years the company has been in business. I also was told and did sense that the VBX 4,000 companies representatives were not as honest and I did question their claim that the machine was considered a medical device. When I called the company to verify their claims, no one returned my call, which increased my concerns. It’s too bad, because the confirmation would have caused me to have purchased it. I do hope that my purchase has not been a mistake. 

Along with the Eurobody Shaper Pro Plus 2, I also have the Euro Power Plate by Total Vibration. I would appreciate your advice on how to use both the machines I have for the health issues of fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, lupus and also for weight loss. 

Thank you again!

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-09-29 09:57:10

Marilyn Hagen

Simple pick. The VBX 4,000 . Both units are quire similar. But the company behind Euro Body Shaper has a history of being as dodgy as they get.  
If you need any help using it properly, because some companies tell you just standing on the machine wobbling around is all you need to do, come back on and ask. Helped a lot of people with conditions like your before ( and still are )   
Marilyn Hagen Posted On:2019-09-27 11:21:12

I would appreciate your opinion on two machines. I am needing a machine to help with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy and lupus. 

The first machine is called VBX 4,000. It has two motors, 2HP, a five year warranty, it is designated a medical device and can be used as a tax deduction as such. They are located out of Bloomington, MN. 

The second one is called a Euro Body Shaper. It has two motors, two modes and a vibration mode also, 2HP, a five year warranty, it is not designated a medical device, it is an exercise machine. They are located out of Brooksville, FL. They have been in business for 40 years. 

Thank you so much for your help. 

They both sell for around $2400. 

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-09-13 22:09:19
 Charlotte Stone ...
The Gravity HQ unit is the most powerful, but that company is no longer actively selling machines. But the product is good. Note: The power is not useful unless you know how to use it. 
Could not find what the Elite Aspire actually is. As you can read on my review section they often just put stickers on anything. So I would need a link to give an opinion.
Jetstream = hunk of junk. 
Charlotte Stone Posted On:2019-09-13 13:15:44

Hi Lloyd, I was wondering if you could please give me feedback on three machines 1. Gravtiy HQ G Plus Gravity revolution, 2. Elite Aspire and 3. Jetstream power vibe professional. I am wanting a macine more for therapeutic reasons, such as recovery, circulation promotion and bone mass recovery as I am a group fitness instructor

Christa Posted On:2019-08-09 00:04:28

I have a Power Plate My3 for sale in Allegheny County, PA. It belonged to my great uncle who recently passed away. I dont think he had a chance to use it very much before he died.

We arent able to ship it, so if someone lives in the Allegheny PA area and is interested, please email me at christak at bellsouth dot net

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-29 19:33:46

Yes thankyou Di Heap. Big pain in the ass. Getting IT Guy to try and stop it. 

Di Heap Posted On:2019-06-23 00:17:44

So much spam on this site now. Although I no longer work for Lloyd for ages, I tried to login to remove the spam,  using old saved details on my laptop, but alas my details no longer work. How do the spammers get past the CAPTCHA. There must be a way to protect this forum, its unattractive in present form.

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-11 23:01:16

I do have two newer units for Lease in Perth. ...If someone tries to sell those units  that should be in storage  they would be stolen goods. As I own them and we do not sell units to the public...

I am just checking up on their security now.  


Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-11 20:22:48

Tania...... Who is selling themk do you know 

Tania Posted On:2019-06-09 19:36:12

I was just talking to Powerplate looking for a Pro5 or Pro7 commercial machine, then noticed 2 VibraTrain machines from New Zealand for sale here in Perth, 1 has vibrating bars and the other does not, are these good machines, apparently not that old either 




Nordic Fitness 

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-06-05 11:00:02

Have to aplogize for the spam this site gets. Sometimes it is just a robot, other times they are actual attacks because of the sites contents. I delete it often, so please just ignore and still ask your questions.


Lloyd Shaw

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-05-11 16:30:46
Yes it was one of the reasons I stopped buying those units. Not only did the quality start to drop, but they refused to even look at redesigning the unit so the electronics could be swapped out in segments. 
They way they had it was trying to trap owners into forking out about 7K or go out of business. 
Dillan Posted On:2019-05-10 19:35:00

Thanks for getting back to me Lloyd...even if it wasnt the news I wanted. I suppose I just keep using it until it finally dies...

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-05-10 18:28:15
Hello Dillan, glad to hear you are well.
Sorry but once those units go, they are just too expensive to fix. And I do not know of anyone who fixes them over here. ( not my design or I could do it ) .They make them solid state so it costs 7K to replace the whole electronic board. 
Also the old owner of Power Plate now runs VG. And you know how trustworthy they are. He only cuts corners. 
Dillan Posted On:2019-05-08 19:37:05

Hi Lloyd,

I used to work at the Botany VibraTrain studio about 10 years ago. When they shut down I bought one of their VibroGym units which I love and use a couple of times a week as part of my weight training programme. It has recently developed an intermitant fault where it just stops during a cycle and the control panels just shows vertical red lines, not the numbers. If I switch it off at the wall and turn it back on again it usually sorts itself out ok, but I am worried its on its last legs. Do you know if this is a common fault and do you have contact details of someone who can look at it for me.

Many thanks, Dillan

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-04-12 15:46:15
There is nothing specific you can do on the machine. But from past experience it seems to help most sufferers. 
But just the standard safety program. Keep the speeds low and work on form. If you over-stimulate or over-train, it may flare up your condition.
Hugo Posted On:2019-04-11 07:17:52

I have a Revolution HQ which I got 2nd hand but is like new. My health issue is peripheral neuropathy which presents as heat in my feet and is very painful. Nothing has changed despite a lot of medical focus and dietary requirements. I am looking for some instructions for exercises to do on the HQ to see if I can get some relief. Medication is fruitless but I am sure there is a more holistic solution and I am sure the HQ will be a part of that. Any guidance much appreciated. Am I correct Rev HQ NZ have dissappeared

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-04-04 17:48:01
Email me on  and I can give you a list of electronic engineers who look after those units. 
Trent Posted On:2019-03-30 16:18:42

Do you know if Gravity HQ who makes the gravity revolution is out of business.

I can t find their website anymore and have a machine of theirs and the power supply fuse went out and Im needing to figure out what fuse to replace with as I dont clearly see that.


Any feedback is appreciated

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2019-03-20 11:13:59
Yes the Bulletproof unit is a very basic Medium Energy Lineal platform. Used strictly with a proper program will give good overall body composition change. 
Teresa Posted On:2019-03-15 06:06:51

I have opportunity to purchase a used Bulletproof Vibe.  Is it a good choice

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