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SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-05-22 15:51:55

 More evidence is coming out to show Humans are NOT designed to do endurance exercise.

"Long periods of intense exercise can change the composition of your gut bacteria and lead to leaky guy syndrome."

"The research looked at soldiers taking part in an intensive training program and found that pro-longed exercise caused the protective barrier in their guts to become permeable, and could let harmful substances leak into the bloodstream."




SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-05-22 15:29:04

 A few points from your response.

(a) When doing your squats. Face away from the machine and put your back against the center pole. It will help you not overwork your lower back.
(b) It will also help you keep your knees directly over your feet. Remember on a Pivotal unit, every mm counts.
(c) Taking it high speed on upper body is never recommended by me.
(d) One legged squats on Pivotal...NOT recommended by me. Tests show me initially no-one can hold them properly ( even athletes ) with rotating at the knee.

Try doing them facing sideways on the unit ( turning it into a Lineal vibration ) if you must do them. At least then any shearing will not be so profound.

Trudi Posted On:2017-05-22 14:47:05

Thanks very much for your reply.  Ive been doing slightly less in the last 5 days and the niggles have resolved, but Ill pass that info along to the husband as well, as its great information.  I will aim to focus on perfect form and see how things go from there.

At present, Im using really low speed, 5, for anything shoulder or upper body like press ups as it just feels safer.  I guess as the stability improves in the joints I may be able to increase that somewhat.  For squats, I had been using it as fast as 20 as Im usually pretty good with them, but as it was lower back and knees where I was feeling it maybe I should be using lower speeds and really focus on getting my form absolutely perfect.  The niggles I was feeling were mainly in my L knee and I am aware that leg is slightly weaker so it does make sense.  I may try some one legged squats at a really low speed to work on balancing that out as well. 

When just standing Ive been doing the P2 programme that is in the machine, though Ive backed off from doing it daily and that has helped the niggles as well.  I am really aware of how I stand, Im a long time yogi and also do Feldenkrais plus am an acupuncturist so posture is really important to me, though like anything Im sure it could always be improved and this feels like a great way to find your weak spots.

Again, thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-05-19 15:19:46

 Hello Trudy...

Your question covers a bit of info and separate subjects. So I will compartmentalize the subjects for you. And have a question or two to help clarify some points.
(1) All VT done in a true whole body workout fashion. Eg... ( click on Pivotal Program )
Will give the body an overall circulation boost, at any speed. It is actually a side effect of VT that can not be escaped.
(2)  Niggles in joints ..?  Ok you have to understand muscle will respond and get stronger by creating higher quality muscle in as little as 3 weeks. Harder tissue found in your joints can take up to 4 months to catch up, bone 12 months minimum.
So my guess is you have the machine on a too higher FQ which is causing some shearing action on your joints. You need to drop the speed down, work on PERFECT form for 4 months and let your supporting tissue to get stronger.
Then slowly increase the FQ ( which on that unit is tied to KN force. Only Pivotal unit in the world to do so )  over time.
Remember this is not a race, it is more a life long marathon to rebuild your body from the inside out.
(3) What Fqs are you using for what poses at the moment ?

(4) The lower speeds are for extremely controlled poses and allow for clear communication to the brain and helps develop your central nervous system. Which in turns helps with strength and muscle control.

(5) Workout program......taking all muscle groups to complete fatigue in each pose....Yes once every second day is enough. Sometimes a 2 days on 1 day off for 2 weeks is a booster you can do if it does not cause over tiredness or out of control hunger ( two warning signed for over-training ).

Trudi Posted On:2017-05-18 17:04:16

Hi there.  Thanks so much for this website and forum, lots of interesting information to read through.  I am a fit and well 42 year old and just purchased a Gravity Revolution, in part for exercise recovery, in part for general well being.  From what Im reading though, I can also use it to increase strength and so I had a couple of questions.

1 Can I assume that when you mean low speed you mean up to 12 hertz, medium from 12 to 20 and high from 20 to 30

2 I have noticed some distinct aches and pains since I started using it last week, mostly Im just standing on it and doing the basic 10 minute programme it has set up.  The pains are in some places I dont usually get sore, knees mostly, with twinges elsewhere.  Ive been guessing that its just working out some kinks that Ive not been aware of...could that be right

3 If Im using it for strength doing the exercises you suggest is it more an every second day kind of thing

4 Im also a health practitioner and am wondering if it has a bit of a detoxifying effect also.  Nice to know these things before recommending to patients.

As I said, I truly appreciate all the time that is put into this fantastic resource.  Many thanks.

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2017-04-29 13:42:48

 Yes. Unfortunately the company went under shorty after some marketers got involved in its management.


Contact these guys they should  might be able to help.


So this is the typical response those of us trying to help people in the real world, get from academics.
Disregard if you are not into following our industries aim of helping millions alternative options to lead a better lifestyle. 
This conversation followed a story about a Dr in training who felt  "judged" because she is morbid obese. And her own Doctor has given her 10 years to live.
Note: It was an article the lady herself wrote. No medical excuse given for her condition.

Lloyd Robert Shaw
Lloyd Robert Shaw True.....Most triathletes look like death warmed up.... But an obese physician offering advice to obese patients is the very definition of the blind leading the blind......... No amount of "feel good hugs" is going to save either of their lives........
Frankie Favero
Frankie Favero Lloyd Robert Shaw that is ridiculous! She's not a personal trainer nor a dietitian! I'd be concerned if she chained smoked and/or was an alcoholic. Being overweight is a multi factorial condition, don't simplify it.
Lloyd Robert Shaw
Lloyd Robert Shaw Frankie Favero And don't you over complicate it as apologists always do......I have been doing free work with morbidly obese people since 2004. Saving lives and saving limbs...... And I am fully aware of what it takes to get around all the issues behind it, and the issues it creates....... Making excuses is not part of any solution.
Lloyd Robert Shaw
Lloyd Robert Shaw Frankie Favero If she is too uneducated to help herself..... then how can she truly help anyone else ?
Frankie Favero
Frankie Favero Lloyd Robert Shaw wow it took you about two seconds to attack my character by calling me an "apologist" ha ha. You know darn well that people often are educated and can point out the lack of said education in others, yet not apply it to themselves. A c...See More
Frankie Favero
Frankie Favero Lloyd Robert Shaw good on you for your work, even though your comment was unkind 😊
Lloyd Robert Shaw
Lloyd Robert Shaw Frankie Favero Sorry but if you use common apologist lingo..... It will be my assumption.
Frankie Favero
Frankie Favero Lloyd Robert Shaw just like I'm sorry; but if you think you're apt to both diagnose and crucify people without having even met them, nor read their medical chart, then I'm going to attack your argument, not you as a person. It's called maturity, I hope you get there someday 😊
Lloyd Robert Shaw
Lloyd Robert Shaw Frankie Favero If you know the figures,, you would know in general 1 in 10,000 people have a medical condition that causes uncontrollable weight which case there is medication for it... and if they don't take it, they usually have 5 years to...See More
Lloyd Robert Shaw
Lloyd Robert Shaw Attack you as a person...... if I wanted to do that. I would ask you to prove to me how you care about people you don't know.......Show and tell......Not just keyboard warrior crap.
Frankie Favero
Frankie Favero Lloyd Robert Shaw I will definitely agree on your last point, we have completely different concepts of what "maturity means". Also, you may have helped and worked with a certain group of people but I'm a researcher and deal with science, facts and evid...See More
Frankie Favero
Frankie Favero Lloyd Robert Shaw here's an additonal resource for you
Mike M Posted On:2017-04-28 12:00:01

I have a question. From advice received here, several years ago I purchased a Wave Contour Plus machine, which was a nice enough machine when it was working. Unfortunately, when it was a couple years old it suddenly stopped being functional. The touch display no longer seems to work. It just gives a blank white screen, and without it, the machine is useless.

I have been unable to contact anyone at Wave as it appears theyve gone under. Am I out of luck as to getting parts to attempt a repair. Anyone know any contact info for any person who might still have some Contour Plus parts lying around. Or perhaps a schematic. Thanks for any help.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-04-09 15:51:05


We don't name all of the approx. 500 brands of machines globally for obvious reasons. But we do offer a clear visual and physical guideline on all the different types and levels of equipment available.
As you can see from the guide, a Galileo is a High Speed Pivotal.

Which model were you looking at, and what is it intended for ?

rah Posted On:2017-04-09 11:31:59

Looking at a Galileo but I dont see any mention of this unit. Unless I missed something I did not see Galileo on any list

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2017-04-07 14:58:11


 Yes...CV100 is a Medium Energy Lineal.

No High Energy Lineal Units for sale on OZ.  No one builds or sells them

But email me, I do have some lease units over there you might be interested in.

DebinBrisbane Posted On:2017-04-07 12:26:02

Hi all, just to clarify that the Cardiotech CVC100 is a Medium Energy Lineal platform and there are no High Energy units available in Australia.  or are there.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-03-14 14:07:11

  A$2500 for a 4 year old machine brand “Amazing Super Health”........ No thats just a rip off.They got them in Asia for about 100AUSD each. And they sold them with completely fake specifications. In fact most of the selling points were fake And its well out of its warranty.

Go for something new covered by a warranty if you can afford it..

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2017-03-14 13:11:02


You were looking at paying A$2500 for a 4 year old machine brand “Amazing Super Health”. My opinion is that’s a lot of money for a second hand machine.

A brand I recommend is Cardiotech. I’ve met the CEO and I know their machines well. And the reputation of the company, warranty, and backup provided is important. I suggest you talk to one of the sales staff. If you don’t get the answers you need or too much sales talk get back to me.  You might find one of the machines on ebay but they are large to transport and must be carefully.

Take a look at the machines here:

Your choices would be the CV9 which a large but good looking machine well suitable for your needs for therapy and later for training. Also for your husband. The design of this one has a platform (the base that you do the exercise positions on) that is able to be accessed from 3 sided – great for exercise positions. (This is my favourite machine of its type so I’m just a littler biased. I have one in the studio where I work, in Auckland)

There’s also a machine with side handlebars that would be very stable for therapy and training. It would be suitable for you both.

There’s a little machine also – Lifeback2. It would get you started at low cost as long as you have a stable chair or rail to hold onto.  This little machine is good but might not meet your training needs.

Note: I am partial to this brand but I don’t get any payment for referring you. If you look at another brand, ask again and I will tell you anything I know.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-03-13 18:25:34


Your old injury and plates will not be an issue.

The older Hypervibe unit is fine. And yes it should give some decent results if used properly ( come back on here for that advice after you get your machine )

The reason for the Blacklist .... The Owners / Management have done certain things to degrade our trust in them to such a point, we simply cant trust anything they ever say.

Mariel Posted On:2017-03-13 10:22:02

Btw, I am in NZ and the reason I am leaning towards the Hypervibe Performance is that I can get a demo model for a good price from Elite Fitness. I undertand the Performance is the older model, but have read its specs and was impressed given its relatively low price compared to the newer Hypervibe models and other brands. Would greatly appreciate your comments on this..

Mariel Posted On:2017-03-13 09:43:42

I fractured my tibiae and had metal pins inserted three years ago. Would it be safe to use vibration plates to increase bone strength and density, and later for fitness training. I am in my 60s, moderately overweight, and diabetic.

I was thinking of getting a Hypervibe Performance, but concerned that you put the brand Hypervibe in your Blacklist. Could you elaborate on the reasons for that please. Many thanks.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-03-12 17:10:17


 Yes you should be able to closely follow the Vibra-Train Standard Safety Program on your new unit.  ( working within the new plate size ) .
18- 22 hz should be a comfortable setting to use.
You may also like to check out a few of the other poses you can do on pivotal machines you would not have done in the studio ( a similar program I designed years ago ).

Read instructions carefully.   

elaine Posted On:2017-03-12 08:15:32

For the last 10 years I have been going to a Vibratrain studio 3 times a week. For circumstances beyond my control I can no longer go so have bought a second hand (like new, approx 18mths old) Gravity Revolution machine. My question is can I do the same exercises, in the same order and length of time on the Gravity Revolution machine that I was doing at Vibratrain. The squats, both basic and super and the core/ ab exercises I have been doing for 2 mins each, is this okay on the Gravity Revolution machine and what frequency setting would be similar or beneficial for muscle tone.

Jenny Posted On:2017-03-11 23:33:32

Hello Di HeapVibePlus, thankyou. I must admit I froze regarding selecting a machine and still havent bought one. Im 55ish a little overweight, concerned about bone density and have a threatening meniscus knee injury that I dont want to worsen or be shaken to pieces on a poor machine. I am interested in a machine that offers muscle assistance, excercise and health benefits for a time poor life. My husband has long term weight issues worse knees and lower back pain and would use it once he realises health or weight loss benefits. We live in Australia if that effects which machines are available. Your guidance is very greatfully recieved. Cost, would save for the right machine or look on eBay for a second hand one.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2017-02-16 10:36:55

Jenny, we can guide you what type of machine, or sometimes what brand, to buy if you tell us more about yourself and what you want to achieve. What is your approximate age, body type (athletic, overweight, obese ), any health considerations or any ability or disability issues? Are you wanting a machine for gentle stimulation/rehab/therapy, simple exercise training, or harder type athletic use? Will any other person be using the machine also? We can impartially guide you to the best type of machine for your needs as we dont sell home machines or make any money from advice given.

Jenny Posted On:2017-02-14 16:38:56

Thank you very much for your response. I can see there is no such thing as a bad machine but want to spend money wisely and once. Ive moved my focus to the brand or company recommended on your site. Many thanks, its a confusing journey to navigate and your wisdom is appreciated.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-02-14 08:52:00

  Hello Jenny. We dont usually use actual brand names on the cheaper models, because the companies change the machine itself or give them new names so often to trick the consumer, it would be futile. Instead it is much better to KNOW what TYPE of machine you are buying.

Eg.....  Click on and read carefully our    Machine Review page.   After that you can never be ripped off, know matter how often they change the sticker on the outside.

You will see your machine is a "Low Speed Pivotal." It may be a slightly higher speed Pivotal. But it is not a Premium Speed Pivotal.

Which is not good or bad. It just depends on what you need it for, or how you are going to use it.

Read the article ..... No such thing as a Bad Machine. 

Jenny Posted On:2017-02-13 23:25:54

Wish Icould edit my earlier comment.... me again, Ive found the machine has a brand name of Amazing Super Health. Also Im in Australia.

Jenny Posted On:2017-02-13 17:53:00

Loving your site and expertise, wish there was a green list of good machines. Im looking to buy a secondhand VIBRO TRAINER, 4 years old was 2,500 AUD. can anyone offer advice please.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-01-24 02:04:33

 Both Pivotal and Lineal create muscle pump. Which creates more blood movement and pressure within the vascular system than the heart. The better the machine, the better the flow.

As a mortician I advise no use of any vibration product until the clot is dissolved. ( usually no more than 4 weeks max with good medication.)
Pain in the ass, but safety first. And also shows you why getting a machine of good quality is so important. Never letting the blood settle to create a similar clot will work alongside any ongoing blood thinner meds is a must.

To explain your situation in detail, in a way your Doctor may not. Quite simply your own body weight and gravity has combined to stop the blood circulating in your legs properly. You are about to get a unit to remedy that issue ( why the KN value is so important past 90kg )     

Connie Posted On:2017-01-23 19:11:30

Thanks for responding so quickly.  I also asked Gravity HQ and they said that if I was on blood thinners the machine would be perfect.  If I wasnt I should treat it like normal exercise.  That it has no impact and is not shaking my body around.  Reminded me that even walking can shift a clot.  

I believe in their best intentions.  I have asked them for more info.  Is there any way you would see this as true since its a pivotal machine.  I DO NOT want to be unwise.  

Thank you so much for your input.  It is valued. 

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-01-23 13:56:55

 Yes. You MUST wait for the blood clot to be broken up and gone.

But the good news is that is unlikely to ever happen again using the machine regularly.

Connie Posted On:2017-01-23 13:45:45

Hi again.  Ive been waiting expectantly to get my Gravity Revolution and then got a large blood clot in my saphenous vein.  Ive read that its not smart to use a wbv machine at this point  Do you have input

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-01-19 15:15:11

 Hello Michael

Yes. Not only is it a good unit, with a higher KN value than any Power Plate ( imperative for your results not to plateau but also not drop specs under your weight ), it is also backed up by a real company, not some random salesperson.

Michael Posted On:2017-01-18 18:09:10

Hi Lloyd. 

I am seriously considering buying a Gravity Revolution here in NZ but only because I cannot buy one of your machines, smiley face.

I am 53 years old and weigh 160kg. About 7 years ago, I trained, in South Africa, for about 8 months with an excellent trainer on a Powerplate and had good initial results in that I lost some weight, built muscle and the body felt really good. I am wondering how the Gravity Revolution will compare, I assume it is a far better machine than the PP.

Any advice will be most welcome.

Cheers, Michael

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