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Whole Body Vibration and Balancing Hormones

by Lloyd Shaw

A lot of Vibration Training companies talk about how wonderful this form of exercise is for balancing out your hormones, but they never say why or how it does this or even explain why balancing hormones is important.

The fact is most of them simply don’t know enough about it and just repeat tests that show things like “increases HGH by 360%” which is fantastic if you know what HGH is or even want it to increase. HGH could cause a hairy back for all the consumer knows.

Fortunately, a hairy back would only happen if our hormones were unbalanced which is the purpose of this article. So What exactly are hormones and why is balancing them important for my health?

These are chemicals released by endocrine cells that effect cells in other parts of the body. Only a small amount of hormone is required to alter cell metabolism. It is also a chemical messenger that transports a signal from one cell to another.

Balancing Act
What we really mean here is taking your hormonal profile back to a younger level when your body could repair itself and create new cells at a more efficient rate which could be described as anti-aging. Unfortunately, as we get older certain hormone levels drop which make it harder for our bodies to operate at a higher function.

We need a well rounded combination of these hormones to bring our bodies back to more youthful level, hence the term “balanced”.

The Hard Truth
By the time you hit 35 your internal clock has decided you have outlived your useful “reproducing” years and starts to shut down. “But 35″, you say “is far too young, we live till 70 or more don’t we”?

Actually the “global” average lifespan is still only approximately 65 and at the turn of the 20th century it was only 30 years. Recent longevity in a western culture has been brought about by things as simple as dry housing for everybody which used to be the realm of the rich, as pneumonia used to be one of the biggest killers from sleeping in the damp all the time. So as far as mother nature is concerned, at 35 its all over and you are on your way out the back door.

How do you balance up this injustice?

  • Drugs
    Some people turn to drugs and it is called HRT (hormone replacement therapy). However, this has had bad press in the past due to stupid doctors shoving large amounts of estrogen into woman and causing them to develop estrogen fueled cancers. Some people pay as much as approximately $1200 USD a month (lots of famous actors) to be injected with something called Recumbent Human Growth Hormone (HGH), considered to be an anti-aging hormone. In my opinion, by itself is a big waste of money and time. However, the theory is valid and someday when they understand the delicate nature of HRT, I can make my girlfriend always look the same age as the day I met her, but for now I have to be content with swapping her for a new one every few years.
  • Exercise
    Not all exercise is good for this such as repeat impact movements like jogging. When you are very young and your body is still growing your hormonal profile is so high that it allows you to produce all the new cells you ever will need, even all the new ones you need to make up for the cells you just smashed to pieces in your knees on that 8 mile run. As you get older this process slows down and eventually you start living in a “cellular deficit”. That is where you lose more cells in a 24 hr period than you can replace, this is called a “downward spiral”.

    So you essentially start to shrink and no I don’t mean you get shorter. I mean you lose mass all over. What you want is to somehow first stabilize, then increase your hormonal profile so we can start an “upward spiral” where your body is in good enough condition to not only keep going but make actual improvements if needed.

    ANAEROBIC = ANABOLIC- This is where safe controlled anaerobic activity comes in that produces an “anabolic” effect. This is achieved when you put bone and muscles under precise pressure and movement in short bursts, not enough to destroy the tissue, but enough to cause them to grow. The body achieves this by producing hormones that help the growth process and if done correctly you have plenty left over to look and feel younger

How Vibration Training Helps
Whole Body Vibration has a few advantages over traditional anaerobic=anabolic training methods.

  • You don’t have to be strong and athletic to do it, so woman, the overweight, and the disabled can benefit as much as fit men. Finally a level playing field.
  • It is very precise, with the best programs and machines requiring no movement from you at all, but just the machine moving at a measured pace, distance, and pressure.
  • Perfect angles (poses) allow no injuries or chewed up body parts. The whole process that we are looking for is that “upward spiral” where your body requires more cells from the stimulation its getting, so it produces a more balanced array of hormones in order to create those cells. The slight over production makes you feel more active than you were before, so you then do more exercise where you stimulate more activity and growth, I think you get the idea.

So to recap, balanced hormones means that you are producing all hormones at an adequate level from the ones that help you heal faster and sleep better to the ones that make you feel more energetic with not a hairy back in sight.