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Headaches when Vibration Training. Reasons and Cures

There are multiple reasons you may get a headache during Vibration Training. And it has also been noted it gets rid of headaches. Here I will go over some of the the most common reasons for this.
Blood pressure increase while exercising......
As soon as you start moving your blood pressure increases. This should not be confused with resting blood pressure problems, which is a health issue and dangerous. It is Ok for your blood pressure to increase during exercise but some people are sensitive to this increase and can actually feel the pressure in their head. Usually it manifests in a ache at the frontal lobe ( forehead ) but will subside over time. This can also happen to people who have not exercised before, or at least never really pushed themselves. With Vibration Training bring on the feeling of fatigue quite quickly, it can sometime be a bit of a shock. Almost an "allergic" reaction to exercise some might say. In this case people will tense up, instead of relaxing and this will also increase their blood pressure.
Cure..... What I have found in most cases is this only happens a few times, until they get used to it.  After that it will not happen again. But if it continues taking something to thin the blood ( called salicylates, Google it ) is a good idea. These include things like Aspirin but there are dozens of other natural sources. ( only take of course if you are not sensitive to blood thinners )
Now this is an easy one to spot. It is a dull ache directly behind the eyes and temples. Because Vibration Training quite often does not make you sweat  a lot of people make the mistake of not drinking before or during their workout. If someone does get one of these headaches they can take a while to go away, as fluids are not taken into the cells that quickly. So in this case prevention is always better than any cure.
Note: Something added to water hydrates better than just water by itself.
Low Blood Sugar.......
Now this is not strictly a headache, more of an overall feeling of weakness and blurry vision. But this is the one that can make you pass out. For most people, unless they are inclined to get the shakes whenever they are hungry, you have to be pretty much running on empty to actually pass out. Most people just get a bit dizzy and have to sit down for about 15 mins before everything goes back to normal. But they may have a residual headache after that.
This is the biggest reason I see people not finishing the program. They simply run out of steam and fail to do the Super Squat at the end. This is why we tell everybody to "eat a meal "  before you come in to train. And that does not mean toast or a rice cracker. To get the idea of the minimum it is a cup of coffee and a banana.
Head and Neck placement......
This will manifest itself as a pain right at the very top of the neck. Now of course all exercise can irritate a delicate neck or an injury, but Vibration Training is especially good at this if a person starts to look around or stick their chin out to compensate for fatiguing. The Safety Program http://www.vibra-train.com/exercises-explained.html  has exact instructions to stop this from happening.
Getting Rid of  Headaches.....?
Luckily this happens far more often than people getting headaches from Vibration Training. The big one is hangovers. I have lost count of the customers that have come in with a sore head from a big night out and completely recovered by the time they have finished.  I have a few regulars who use it on Sunday morning almost every week for this reason. My guess is its the combination of Serotonin and Neurotrophin which are moderators and modulators of pain that causes such an immediate effect.   
Admittedly Vibration Training seems like the last thing you would want to do when in the throws of a headache, but it seems to work faster than drugs.  So hopefully further study is done on this so a more natural remedy can be offered to people who can not or do not want to take pain killers.