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3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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Vibration and bone density

One Persons Experience

From Mike Hair

Approximately two and a half years ago Joan a 71-year-old female wanting to give vibration therapy a try approached me, I say therapy because the only machines we had at the time where pivotal.

Joan informed me she had ongoing back problems and found it hard to get in and out of bed, She also stated that she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. The doctors wanted her to take Fosamax as a medication and also injectable bisphosphonates, but after reading the possible side affects associated with these drugs she refused.

Prior to coming to me Joan had a Dexa scan which measures the bone density in the spine and hips. Two years later she had another Dexa scan and the results where unusual for a person of her age. Joan’s bone density had increased; she is now 73 years old.

Her T-Score had gone from: -

L1 –3.7 to –3.5

L2 –4.0 to –3.7

L3 –4.1 to –3.5

L4 -2.4 to –2.2

L2-L4 –3.5 to-3.1

With the T Score the lower the score the better.

I am happy to report that Joan no longer has back issues; Joan also states that the only thing she had changed in her life over the last two and a half years was incorporating vibration therapy and vibration training into her schedule.

I say therapy and training because half way through Joan coming to me we changed over to lineal machines.

Joan continues to come two times each week and is an inspiration to a lot of my younger clients, she performs the safety program pushup on her toes and also the pelvic stability on her toes for two minutes.

To understand how bone density is influenced by Vibration Training ... www.vibration-training-advice.com/vibration-training-and-bone-density-consumer