3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist

Unbalanced training, Unbalanced marketing?

by Lloyd Shaw

I have recently been labeled a "Pivotal Basher" by some people involved in
the manufacture or sale of those machines with them refusing to communicate
with me about what I see as the deliberate confusion being placed in the
market as to the advantages of Pivotal and Lineal training . Some are still
even still trying to directly compare systems.

Now I go on a about safety all the time with all units and programs but have
been extra hard on this half of the industry as I believe the risks are
deliberatly not being discussed  which goes against my full-disclosure
approach to this type of training . I myself made a decision not to
introduce my Pivotal units into studios until I can be assured of a certain
level of education within the entire industry , as anything we did would be
replicated and mis-used if not understood.

Below is just one of my concerns not being discussed....

Most Pivotal platforms have a range of 0-10mm amplitude and go up to about
30hz , the amplitude is changed by simply placing your feet closer towards
the centre or outside of the plate. This allows for easy use without having
to push a botton but like everything it has its drawbacks .

The simple maths....

If the machine is working at 15hz per foot ( 30hz),  and if each foot is
traveling 5mm up and 5mm down per second that is a 10mm distance of travel
required from each side of the body.

If one foot should be out of place even to a degree of 1mm the difference in
distance traveled by each leg will be actually be...

1mm x 2 = 2mm ( actual distanced traveled )
2mm x 15hz = 30mm
30mm x 60sec = 1800mm

So the difference traveled between the two halves of the body is 1.8 meters
each minute in contact with the plate , and that is with only a 1mm error.
In the reality of running a studio I have to constantly correct my customers
posture all the time , no matter how long they have been coming,  so there
is no way people are going to do this properly without supervision and in a
controlled environment.

My problem is with this particular issue ....

I cannot account for the effect this type of error will have on a person
long term, as all my equations work on an energy in = energy out principle.
Now it may also be a leap to say it will do damage but from how I work I do
not see how it could be good either (apart from certain physio applications).

The questions must be asked..

(1) Why is this not even being discussed.

(2) Why are there no markers on Pivotal plates for precise foot placement
and why have some companies actually removed them making it seem not

Given the above has not been mentioned in any material released and promoted
by Pivotal companies I have to ask if they even understand what they are
dealing with .

This potential problem is being ignored by even the best manufacturers that
have been at the forefront of safety issues in the past and I am
disappointed to see them fall over when it counts. Even if they all disagree
with my physics they must at least still acknowledge the issue of
"unbalanced" training.

I hope those in the Pivotal sector use this as a opportunity to debate this