3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist

The Great Pivotal VS Lineal debate goes backwards

by Lloyd Shaw

This article is to highlight and cause a discussion on the disturbing trend creeping back into some Pivotal companies sales strategies. I do not know if this is born out of desperation for sales in a slow market but I do know it will backfire on them badly.

Their main argument is this......

" More tests show positive results in the past with Pivotal than Lineal. So Pivotal is the only choice "

But there are 2 big holes in this argument.

(1)  Proper research on Pivotals started years before they did on Lineal. This is just a time factor, not proof one is better than the other.

(2)  Most of the research on Pivotal was done on a Galileo , a machine which does exactly what it says it does, and is a Premium Speed Pivotal. The best in its range.
All Lineal research has either been done on cheap copies with faked specs, or at best Medium Energy Lineal units. 

But here lies the biggest issues Pivotal companies who want to play the "Pivotal is best game", rather than "Pivotal is different"  truth they should be pushing.

(a)  So far all the tests showing a consistent reduction in body fat % has been on Lineal units. Even animal tests showing viscera body fat reduction was Lineal vibration , not Pivotal.  Are they going to be happy if that is used against them in the same aggressive manor to say something along the lines of " Only Lineal is proven to help with weightloss"  

(b) On top of that the shear amount of research that is being released on Lineal will soon surpass Pivotal studies, only because companies like Power Plate are Lineal , so are they going to be happy if that is used against them. " There is more research on Lineal than Pivotal " etc...

(c) Lineal training units have come forward in leaps and bounds in the last few years . To think what was available in 2003 to what I use now, there is simply no comparison.  Pivotal has basically stood still because no-one on their side of the technology will strike out on their own and total re-design the technology, they are all still in awe of the Galileo.

Those of us in the real industry, not just "bit players" , "salepeople" or self professed "experts"  ( who just repeat others past work ), know that the reasons for  the randomness of the world of research and results, is down to multiple factors, none of them proving one system better than the other yet. Even though I am sure that in the future some will be found to be better at a " particular" thing than another, but we are years away from forming any solid universally excepted conclusions.

The Pathetic Game of Scare tactics.....

Variations of this statement here....

"As the stretch reflex takes 40-50 msec to complete, frequencies above 27Hz produce superfluous vibrations and may even be potentially dangerous as the muscles are incapable of responding to dampen the extra vibrations. The extra vibration may then have deleterious effects on the joints. "

Have been continually released by Pivotal companies as a direct attack against Lineal units that tend to run from 30hz - 50hz , but for a group of people that use the big stick of "research"  to push their own agenda they offer ZERO research to back up the claim anything over 27hz is damaging. In fact more people globally have used Lineal systems at these "dangerous" Fqs at commercial locations than Pivotal, where is the damage ?

Note: I do not think "caution" is a bad thing and should be discussed openly, but once time has proven that "concern" to be overstated then it should drop away. Not used as an outright attack on another system purely to get a sale.

Last word.....       

I have been trying to drill it into these companies heads that if they do not "differentiate" themselves, rather than outright compete with arguments that will not stand the tests of time, they will only create enemies in the industry were they could have friends. And it will not be forgotten or forgiven.

Someone implied once that Pivotal companies need protection from me, that is incorrect, these short sighted companies need protection from themselves.