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Lloyd Shaw's 6 years of nothing but Vibra-Train

Now before I start this report, I would like to state I have no idea how these results would relate to other vibration systems. I am using a High Energy Lineal machine.

See here for the different categories..... http://www.vibration-training-advice.com/machine-reviews

To date as far as I am aware, I am the only developer and user of this technology to put it under such a test. I have suggested it to a number of my "peers" but they do not seem interested or obviously have enough faith in what they sell, to put their own body on the line. I know some do not even use the systems they promote. I personally find that disturbing considering how much some of these machine cost.

I will keep the report very simple, outlining the stages I went through and if anyone wishes to ask me particular questions regarding any aspect of it, I will answer them personally on my forum.


The photos should speak for themselves though. Because you can’t fake these results.

Please Note: For the sake of simplifying this particular article I am mainly going to use KG as a measurement. Even though I prefer to use a BCA ( Body Composition Test ) normally, because it is more scientific. But for consistencies sake, as we did not have a BMR test in 1986 to compare to, I will just use my known weight.


68Kg / 18 years

After being in the NZ Navy for a while I was at 68Kg. I had never done any weight training, using only cardio and my own body weight to keep fit and strong.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Vibration Training 1986 Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Vibration Training 1986 Young Fit and Strong

2004 - 2006



Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Vibration Training 2004

By this stage I had been doing heavy weight training / sprinting etc. for over a decade. Most of my training sessions were minimum 1 hr at the gym, then 1 hr at the track. I trained quite hard with the whole "Big is Better" mentality most young guys have. Believe it or not but I was considered the most "cut" of my mates. With the last 2 years combining it with the older style Lineal Vibration Training machines and my own new High Energy Lineal units with Vibration Handle bars.

Note: The new machines were much stronger and used up a lot more energy even in the basic workout, let alone any advanced poses.

It seemed that combining both Vibration Training and resistance training did indeed put on some size. But it was a chicken or the egg argument. I had noticed I had gotten significantly stronger since doing VT, so I was naturally lifting heavier. So it was hard to pinpoint what was giving me the added mass.

So in 2006 I decided to give up all other forms of training. Just to see what would happen. I made it public so my customers and the rest of the industry could judge the results for themselves.

The best I thought would happen was I kept the condition I had worked hard for years to get.

So to get this clear, I was hoping for ZERO CHANGE. If Vibra- Train worked, like I had hoped and predicted, I could swap my 6x weekly, 2 hr ( gym and track ) training sessions for 3 - 4, 10 minute, Vibra-Train, sessions and no-one would notice any changes in me. But really because my interest concentrated on fighting obesity in people who did no regular exercise, the whole thing was a side experiment.

After 18 months I weighed 79Kg.

I was told by others I looked good, but I was not exactly happy as there went my theory on being able to build mass with my new machines. Sure my muscle quality was high but I was definitely getting smaller ( my t-shirts also told me this, not just the scales ). But instead of admitting any kind of defeat, I just figured I was not pushing my muscle hard enough. So I basically doubled my time on the machine.

Note: Still only once every second day. I just doubled up on all my poses. Doing 10 mins sometimes just on my legs alone.

Now it is important at this point to declare how stupid a move this was. And how did I know it was stupid? Well all the restrictions you see about Vibration Training machines, ( always eat before training, every second day max , approx 10 mins is all you need over your whole body etc..) all came from me. I wrote these rules for the public as part of opening up the world’s first studio.

I had preached there were risks to over-training. But I am Superman so the rules don't apply to me. Right ?

Over-Training and "The Hunger"

The reaction I had to this regime was simple. I just got super hungry. And by this I mean an overwhelming hunger that seemed like my stomach was a bottomless pit. I was hungry when I got up, all day and even woke up in the middle of the night starving. If I ate I would be hungry an hour later.

It got so bad I could not really concentrate on anything without thinking about my next meal. But guess what? I didn't worry about it too much, as I had always been kind of lean and eaten whatever and whenever I got hungry so just thought it would translate into more muscle.

But I had the truth rammed home very quickly........

You can not out-train, over-eating.

I quickly shot up to 85kg in only 4 months. And I no longer had an 8 pack for the first time in my life. So my body fat to muscle mass ratio had gotten worse. Even when I tried to modify my diet to eat more "healthy food" I was still looking more like the Incredible Bulk instead of Superman.


Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Vibration Training

All jokes aside, my arrogance quickly faded and I realized my plan had not worked and I needed to change things drastically. I was more than embarrassed that my plan had back-fired for everyone to see. Especially since I am meant to be the expert. So I stopped my training.

It took only a couple of weeks for "the hunger" to completely disappear after which I resumed training. But strictly back to my 10 minute basic rule ( that is 10 mins of exercise poses, that does not include massages, stretches etc... ) and the hunger did not return.


73Kg / 44 yrs old


Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Vibration Training April 2012

The results long term have been surprising to say the least. And I will also admit I was not very pleased at first when I realized my 15 years of weight training was disappearing right in front of me. I had no idea following my own advice was going to lead to what has happened. Yes I thought the potential for "getting smaller" was there, after all I was only personally involved in the Vibration Training industry to help fight the obesity crisis. But as someone involved in research and development of something new I also expect things to never quite work out according to what's predicted.

So to recap, what did I discover.......

(1) It made me lose overall mass. ( 10kg all up ). So much so I have had to buy new jeans because they were stupidly baggy.

(2) If I deliberately over-trained it was counter-productive. Note to self: Letting the ego side of your brain make decisions is not a good idea. Use the expert side and take your own medicine.

(3) If I combined it with weight training it can add some size ( but useless to body builders as a sole training tool, sorry guys ) .

(4) It did not stop my gray hair or birthdays from happening. Damn it.

There have been some other interesting, unpredictable changes that I will write about soon. Including how I am going compared to my mates that never stopped "going hard" at the gym. And I am also going to release a Body Composition timeline graph in another article, for a more scientific measurement of my changes.

But in the mean time I will continue the experiment. Aiming for a full 10 years ( 2016 )