3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

The Blacklist

What can Vibration Training do for the Health Industry?

by Lloyd Shaw

I know this is a question that allot of those already involved in the health sector are asking and that's who I'm talking too. I mean we have survived ok without it right ? What's so special about this technology that it should be given a second glance, let alone more attention.

Now I am not some kind of new communist/marketing guru so dont panic gym owners. I believe private enterprise can be the driving force behind good changes for everybody. But I beg to differ that all is well.

A few logical points to follow.

Only approx. 9% of the population pay to use a health service.

Only 3% actually use this service on a regular basis.

Most new members drop off within the first 6 weeks. And don't return. Ever.

As a result personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals (especially one on one trainers ) have to rely on the income generated from this same revolving 3% of the population.

Unlike in the past where the owner actually worked at the gym, the new Corporate Gym owners are never to be seen on premises. So have little respect for the work done on the floor.

The trainers that work on the floor , will seldom get a chance to see an income from the 70% of members that pay a membership , but never go. No gym I know of gives its staff dividends of actual turnover.

This leaves little " trickle down " effect in the local economy.

Due to this limited income , most young health professionals eventually leave the industry to get a " real " job. With a better and more consistent income. Usually when they want to get married and buy a house.

In essence , right when someone gets to a point where they are considered mature , and confident enough to seek higher learning and ask questions about their position , they wise up and leave.

How Vibration Training can help...

Firstly we have to stop concentrating on the 3% of already motivated individuals willing to use the system.

Take more time looking at the 97% of the population that either tries and fails or fails to even try. ( I don't know about you but I find them far more satisfying customers to help than gym bunnies )

Ask yourself why after 15yrs of solid marketing , the gym industry has plateaued.

You cant just put it down to " most people are lazy " and just keep fighting over the same 3% ?

Vibration Training is a good non-threatening way for the inactive part of the population to use as a stepping-stone towards a more active lifestyle. Where paying for a fitness service does not seem so alien.

It is also allot easier to get " back on "  after  " falling off " than most exercise programs. Giving you a better chance to catch and keep your customer interested in looking after themselves.

If this works , I see no reason why the economy surrounding the fitness industry cannot be increased by 300% within 5 yrs. And we actually get a chance to stabilize not only the industry , but also the publics health.

Now I know this doesn't answer all our problems. And ethical marketing must be done surrounding Vibration Training so the public understands it only plays a part in their health plan.

But hopefully it may be a step in the right direction for all of us.