3 Rules to remember

1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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Vibration Training studio dimensions?

By Lloyd Shaw
This space is 5 meters x 8 meters, and as you can see easily holds 7 big commercial machines. With room for some other small complementary equipment.
The advantages of not having to have a large area to set up business in are .......
(1) Cheap rent.
(2) Easy to keep clean.
(3) Cheap to air condition ( very important in summer, as it offers a true alternative to the sweatboxes gyms become )
(4)  Because people do not get hot, there is no need for showers.
(5)  Because the machines draw very little current, 3 phase is not needed ( unlike tanning beds ). They should be designed to run off a standard fuse box and wiring.
(6) People do not need to be in gym gear to workout. Big plus and marketing point for inner city studios.    
I personally believe the Vibration Training studio concept is going to not only revolutionize the fitness industry. But also allow people, who would never have ever considered opening up their own fitness studio, a chance to do so. Not much funding needed, especially if you are leasing. There is no way you could set up a small one-on-one gym, Zumba class or even Pilates in such a compact area.
And because the sessions only usually take 10 --15min there is potential for very high turnover. Which means you can keep the prices low and super competitive against other exercise formats. 
So this is what you should be looking for when searching for a space ....
(1) Ground floor. 
(2)  Preferably concrete .
(3)  Wheelchair access.
(4)  Air conditioning.
(5) Small changing room.
(6) Toilet. 
How much you want to do the place up after the basics are covered, is really a personal decision. From what I have seen to date as long as the studio is clean and tidy that is all people expect.
The Independent Home studio model.......
These are getting quite popular, and seem to do good business. We have a number of locations that operate out of their modified garages or houses. The main attraction being no rent, so very easy to make a profit and most work on an appointment only basis.
Warning .  Make sure you read this before setting up at home.......
The only other thing to worry about is getting a machine of good enough quality, as the one thing that will stop your business in its tracks is constant breakdowns.  And you will not want to be replacing it for a while so look for something with a good history. Buying new machines all the time will severely eat into your profits. 
Feel free to contact me or post questions on our forum for unbiased info on setting up a studio, no matter where in the world you are.  The Vibration Training community is global and will always do our best to help you avoid any pitfalls.