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Why do people open a Vibration Training studio?

Now this may seem like a logical question, as why does anyone open a business, to make lots of money right ? Wrong.  Big business is for making lots of money. Small business is about personal freedom and following a passion. What you are about to read may at first depress or even make you shy away from " doing it yourself ", but hopefully it opens your eyes up to why people take the risks they do to become their own boss.
You only get 2 choices in this life, "work for yourself or work for someone else" that's it for most of us, there is no third option.  You are not going to win lotto so get over it.
Working for someone else is Ok when you are young, as its a no risk way of having a sustainable lifestyle ( unless a recession come along ) . And lets face it you are still used to being told what to do by everybody, so it is no big deal to be bossed around for a while. But as you get older that mentality changes, and if you are an independent or strong willed type person you constantly find yourself in situations were you want to speak out and tell your boss where to shove it. Or at least to say things could be done better .
In fact if you ask your boss how he or she got involved in owning a business, they will all happily tell you the same above story. " Learned my trade, my boss was an idiot, I saw a gap in the market, so I left to set up for myself  etc..."
Do you have to be really smart ? No. How many bosses do you know are geniuses,  none right. They are just everyday people like you and me who decide to take the dive into self employment. And now other people have jobs because of that decision. In fact most business in the world is actually small business, and most big business started small, and there are not that many geniuses around. Think about that if you ever doubt it can be done.
But setting up a business is risky right ?
Yes of course it is. There are no guarantees in life but as the world found out recently some people who had " a sure thing" in their careers ended up losing everything. Owning your own business at least allows you to make decisions that directly effect the outcome of your finances, rather than just being a cog in a wheel. It is by no means the safest way of doing things, but if you want truly "safe" you need to work for the government. Everybody else is subject to the ups and downs of private enterprise.
Retirement  ......?
This is something we all need to be clear on now and something that makes me laugh every time I hear someone say " I am going to work hard and retire early "  The very idea of Retirement was a short live social experiment that no-one born after the 60s will ever get to see.  The whole thing only really lasted about 3 generations, before that it didn't exist and it will soon just be something our kids read about in History books The government is very likely not going to be able to afford to keep the aging population on any kind of benefit that would keep a mouse alive. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.
Note: All the most motivated and successful people I know think retirement is a dirty word. Its right up there with death as an aspiration. The fact is the more successful you are, the less likely you will want to walk away from it all, no matter how wealthy you get. You actually end up working harder just to manage it all. 
Are you saying I have to work till I die....... ?
Short answer is yes.
The reality is we will all probably still be working well into our 80s if you take into account advancements in medicine, things like Vibration Training and the economy. After that we may get a day off to die.  So think about this, how good an employee will you be by then ? I don't know about you but I am grumpy already, and I am only 42.  You really want to be bossed around by a 20 something year old, because I don't care how good you are at your job, by 80 you are going back down the ladder. Unless of course you own the business.
To be a millionaire.....?
Now if being a millionaire is your dream then great, go for it. Have 200 studios and own an empire. But think about this. You live in a small town, you know no matter how well you do, you wont be buying a launch anytime soon. So why would anyone be motivated to open a business in a small town, the very idea sounds futile , simple answer is "lifestyle". There is something about setting up something just how you want to and working hard at it, you are essentially creating your own little world. I know it does not sound like much, but I get to play the music I want, have the people around me I want to have, and generally make things very comfortable. Compare that with getting out of bed each day dreading to go to work. No contest.
 This is something I talk about often, because without it the smallest bump in the road can make you give up. Setting up a business in a brand new industry is without a doubt one of the hardest things anyone can do. I set up Vibra-Train to follow a passion and that is what keeps me going all day every day. I do not know if just wanting money or things would give me the same energy. In the first few years of business there is little to really keep you going but passion, I mean you could give yourself lots of holidays and perks, but you wont. The word sacrifice comes to mind. How much are you willing to sacrifice for personal freedom .
Vibration Training.......
I personally think this technology can help solve a lot of peoples health issues but we are a long way off being recognized for that yet. So who will get involved at this point. Well I see a lot of people who want to be involved in the health and fitness industry but not involved in the Gym scene. I can also see quite a few people who work for large gyms at the moment wanting to run their own mini gym. And Vibration Training offers that without having to spend a fortune first. You can start in a small space with relatively little furnishings and you do not even need a computer. Keeping it simple is in my opinion the best way to go.
Anyway, I hope that has given anybody looking at the studio side of the industry a few things to think about, so you can gauge your own motivation and ask yourself what kind of sacrifices you are prepared to make to be independent.  Because "passion" and "sacrifice" are the key elements here that will determine your success.