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1. Any Vibration does not = Vibration Training
2. Light Vibration = Therapy
3. Heavy Vibration = Training

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General Consumer Warning about Cheap Pivotals

If you are looking to buy a cheap Pivotal machine from Asia please be aware of these 2 major points you need to understand to protect yourself from being ripped off..... ....

(1)  About 99% are sold under fake specs. They lie about the speed of the units because all the machines that show the kind of results you may be after, and they advertise, run up to 27hz. The cheaper units only usually do 12hz Max  ( if you are lucky ) . In Pivotal machines the speed is quite important ( not so much on Lineal machines )  Some even exaggerate this lie further by saying they go up to 50Hz. If you ever see a company quoting this speed run the other way.  Not only would this speed be unsafe but it is a blatant lie, quite often this spec is stolen off Lineal machines. So not only are they stupid but they are dishonest as well. Not the kind of people you want to buy a health product off.

(2)  Most only cost $80 U.S. to buy in China.  But again by falsifying what they tell you the machine is capable of doing they try and sell them for upwards of  $2000.  This is usually done on T.V. , Shopping Malls or Home Shows.  But if you go on to ebay ( or similar site )  you can see the exact model for $300. Here in New Zealand they have a resale value of about $50.

Here are 2 examples of this type of machine, one style has been directly copied off some Lineal machines in a special attempt to fool you, please look at it carefully, study its features as it does come in different colors, names etc...  but all have the same " look " about them.  Alternatively type in " Crazy Fit " to Google image search and see all the pictures of them there ...